How to Roll a Rose Petal Blunt

What is a rose petal blunt? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like: cannabis rolled in rose petals.

A few years ago, a handful of viral videos made their rounds, gracing us with the knowledge of how to roll a rose petal bunt. It elevates your smoking experience to something feminine, classy, and sophisticated. With floral hints and a beautiful finish, rose petal blunts look gorgeous, offer a smooth hit, and may even come with the added benefits of reducing anxiety, alleviating headaches, and combatting fatigue.

While it takes a bit of finesse to learn how to roll a rose petal blunt, it’s a reasonably simple process to learn, and the results are worth it. Let’s take your blunt skills to the next level with an Instagram-worthy wrap you can make at home.

Did You Know?

Did you know that humans have been using roses for cooking and flavoring for centuries? Different roses can be sour, sweet, spicy, or even minty. There are over 200 species and tens of thousands of hybrids. If you have the time, check out Garden Roses: Queen of Edible Flowers to choose the best petals to pair with your cannabis.

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Roses: Not Only a Feast for the Eyes

Roses are a feast for the eyes, and rose petals make excellent blunt paper. This gorgeous flower is also ideal as an ingredient for food and drinks.

Roses have been blooming and fragrant for as long as anyone can remember. Even before the turn of the century, there were lush rose gardens in Chinese and Persian gardens. Roses have bloomed steadily through the millennia. People tied them into wreaths and bouquets; they became immortal in poetry and art.

The Romans bestowed bouquets of roses on their war heroes instead of medals. Roses were worshiped, dried, distilled, stuffed into pillows, and even trampled. They celebrated no festival in Rome without a lavish decoration of roses. Under Emperor Nero, rose petals rained down on the guests at feasts; people drank rose wine, wreathed the drinking bowls with roses, and fragrant rose water sprayed from fountains.

Chefs and bakers use rose petals in jams, creams, and desserts worldwide. In the Middle Ages, it was common practice to cook with flowers. At that time, there wasn’t much difference between flowers and spices. Until the 19th century, fragrant roses were used in cooking by dipping whole petals in a mixture of egg yolk, sugar, sweet almond milk, cinnamon, and lemon peel and then baking them in lard or butter.

So, what is a rose petal blunt if not a celebration of history, food, and cannabis all rolled into one?

What You Need to Roll a Rose Petal Blunt

Now that you know what a rose petal blunt is, here is what you need to make one:

  • One organic, pesticide-free rose with large petals (details below)
  • Your choice of bud from a local dispensary
  • A grinder
  • An oven-safe baking pan
  • An oven
  • A rolling tray

Choosing the Best Rose

When choosing your rose, color doesn’t matter, but you want to avoid roses from grocery stores and street vendors. It’s best to find a local source, such as your own backyard, a neighbor, or perhaps an organic florist. You’ll want a rose that is fresh, vibrant, and fully open with large petals that still have a velvety feel. You’ll use three outer petals and slightly overlap them from base to tip, so choose the desired size wisely.

Keep in mind that the stronger the scent of the rose, the stronger the herbal taste in your blunt. Choose a rose that is pleasing to the senses. If you’d like to add an artistic flair, use more than one type of rose for an ombré blunt. For the ultimate experience, find a rose that is well known for its flavoring.

Choosing the Best Bud

As for the bud, rose petal blunts aren’t the time to bring out the schwag and try to dress it up in a pretty package. If you really want your blunt to be everything you’re imagining, you need to pair it accordingly. Several flavors complement rose, including strawberry, melon, and chocolate, or you can choose one that already has floral undertones, like the Kaya Maestro or Lilac Diesel.

How to Roll a Rose Petal Blunt

You can roll a rose petal blunt in under ten minutes with just a little preparation. Follow the steps below, and you’ll be on your way to smoking one of the best blunts you’ve ever rolled.

  1. Set your oven on broil while you choose three rose petals, carefully removing them at the base and ensuring they don’t tear.
  2. Lay the petals on a baking sheet with one inch between each petal, then set them on the bottom rack in the oven for ten seconds.
  3. Remove the petals from the oven and make sure they’ve darkened slightly.
  4. Lick the base of each rose petal, then slightly overlap them, tip to base, until you have the desired length. Slightly cup them for easier rolling.
  5. Set the petals back in the oven for an additional ten seconds on the bottom rack.
  6. Remove the pan from the oven and let the wrap rest for a few minutes. This is a great time to grind your chosen bud and set it on your rolling tray.
  7. Put your blunt rolling skills to the test by placing the bud in a straight line along the length of the rose wrap, then begin rolling at one edge, tucking as you go. Keep it as tight as possible and relatively thin, like a true blunt.
  8. Once you’ve rolled the rose petal blunt, place it on the pan and back into the oven for another ten seconds, then remove it.
  9. Let the blunt rest for at least two minutes. It won’t smoke properly until it’s had time to cool down and the petals have had time to set.
  10. Sit back, relax, and light up!

The key to the perfect rose petal blunt is time and patience. The process doesn’t take long, but skipping steps and rushing the process won’t give you the experience you’re after. You can also pre-make your wraps for later use. Just ensure you properly store them so they don’t fully dry out and break when rolling. You’ll still need to follow steps eight and nine for a perfect hit.

Benefits of Learning How to Roll a Rose Petal Blunt

While most people roll rose blunts for aesthetics, there are many reasons to use rose petals beyond the visual appeal.

Some blunt wraps can be harsh and full of chemicals. Serious health risks come with using tobacco products, which are the base of most wraps, especially store-bought wraps. Using rose petals removes the chemical and tobacco components and leaves you with an all-natural smoke.

Rose essence, found within the petals, also offers health benefits when used as an aromatic and is a natural cough suppressant, providing a smoother hit than most wraps. Better yet, getting yourself a rose petal blunt wrap doesn’t entail a trip to the store if you grow your own roses. You have everything you need right at home, for free, to take your blunts from amateur to connoisseur.

A Quick Warning

Before you run out and try dozens of different flowers, note that many of them are toxic to humans and pets. Do your research before trying a different flower petal or adding something floral to a blunt. While rose petals are all-natural, inhaling smoke isn’t risk-free. It’s crucial that you find an organic, pesticide-free rose.

Variations and Additions to the Rose Petal Blunt

Now that we’ve answered what is a rose petal blunt, you can begin your quest for perfection.

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