Benefits of drinking Hard Seltzers

Ready for the best news ever? We’ve found scientific proof that there are benefits to drinking hard seltzer. Gastroenterologist Dr. Niket Sonpal shares his thoughts here. If it’s doctor-recommended, who are we to argue?

What is Hard Seltzer?

What is hard seltzer, exactly, if not another alcopop trend? Hard Seltzer is a new category of beverages. Seltzer is carbonated water, and we add “hard” to signal that it contains alcohol, usually around 4% to 6%.

Alcopops contain distilled alcohol like vodka and rum. Hard seltzers contain alcohol from fermented sugar. Add natural flavors, such as mango or black cherry, and the drink is ready.

Hard seltzers are now being offered in the USA by several producers fighting for a top dog position in the booming market. Retailers sell the drink in stylish cans, costing as much as a can of beer. You can typically snag a 12-pack for about $15.

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5 Benefits of Hard Seltzers

white claw hard seltzer

1. Lose Weight

You can lose weight when you choose to drink a hard seltzer over a beer or strawberry daiquiri. The average can of beer contains about 150 calories, and a nine-ounce drink like a piña colada contains a whopping 500 calories. If you choose hard seltzer as your beverage of choice for an entire month, you could end up shedding some pounds, too.

  • Can your drink Hard Seltzers on Keto Diet? This question comes up a lot. The answer is yes! Hard Seltzers are Keto friendly.

2. Go Easy on Your Belly

Hard seltzers don’t contain as much sugar as other alcoholic beverages, so your gastrointestinal tract doesn’t have difficulty breaking them down. Thus, no belly aches after a night of partying.

3. Drink Less, Have More Fun

Hard seltzers do get you drunker faster than any other alcoholic drink. This is because your bloodstream absorbs carbonated beverages much faster than non-carbonated drinks. Biology is awesome.

4. Ditch Hangovers

Hard seltzers help you recover quickly on Sunday morning. Sugar and dehydration are both key contributors to a nasty hangover. However, grabbing a hard seltzer instead of a beer keeps you hydrated and has less sugar so that you can avoid any unpleasant after effects. Plus, the hard seltzers we’ve listed here don’t contain any weird chemicals, which can also cause terrible headaches the morning after.

5. Pair Well with Cannabis

Hard seltzers don’t have high alcohol content so they pair well with cannabis. In fact there is a growing THC & CBD infused seltzer beverage market. Drinking a White Claw and having a toke won’t make you black out.  Remember to always Cross Fade responsibly. 


There are  a lot of benefits of drinking hard seltzers. That’s one of the reasons they have exploded in popularity. Make sure to always still drink responsibly. 

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