CBD for Life – Learn How CBD Can Benefit You Everyday

Once you start experiencing its health benefits, it’s natural that you’d want to take CBD for life — or at least make it part of your daily rituals.

Establishing healthy rituals (including CBD rituals) is one of the best ways to ensure long-lasting, sustained health. Below, we look at tips on how to live a healthier life with CBD, create a CBD routine, and stick to it.

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Perspective: The Trick To Living a Healthier Life

If we were to offer one piece of advice for anyone looking to make a sweeping change to their lifestyle, it would be this: don’t think of it as a chore, but rather as an exciting journey.

In other words, wellness is not “work.”

This simple shift in perspective prevents you from lumping your wellness in with obligations like your job, errands, and chores. Choosing wellness and CBD for life means choosing a new perspective for life — one in which your health comes first, and you’re doing it purely for yourself.

By taking your CBD routine and wellness rituals into your own hands, you empower yourself to take charge of your baseline health.

How To Embrace CBD for Life: Create a CBD Routine

Your CBD rituals are exactly that: rituals. That means they’re not an overnight cure for anything.

The 21/90 Rule states that if you consistently do something for 21 days, you’ve turned that activity into a routine; do it for another 90 days and turn it into a habit.

That’s why it’s important to view your CBD routine in this light. Do it for 111 days, and you’ll have formed a healthy habit.

How do you get this habit to stick? Try the following:

Make an Action Plan

Why are you embracing CBD for life? Figure out your answer and make your plans around it.

You may choose CBD to relieve anxiety, sleep better, or clear up skin problems. Or perhaps you’re giving CBD to your dog or cat to relieve them from pain or anxiety. What matters is that you’ve identified the reason, set it in stone, and can now make plans to keep it in mind.

Use your phone to set CBD reminders.

Make It Hard To Forget

If you place your CBD products somewhere easy to access that you regularly visit throughout the day, you’re less likely to forget your CBD routine.

For instance, say you’re taking CBD to improve your mood throughout the day. Every morning you open your medicine cabinet to grab your toothbrush. If you place your CBD oil next to your toothbrush, it will be hard to forget to take it. Or perhaps you’re prone to reading a book before bed. If you keep that book on your bedside table, you could place your CBD product there.

The key is to make sure it’s visible and tied to a routine you’ve already established.

Reward Yourself Along the Way

Dish out your positive reinforcement at key intervals along your journey. Taking the 21/90 rule as an example, perhaps the 21-day mark is a good time to treat yourself.

Note: It’s probably not a good idea to treat yourself to something out of alignment with your overall wellness goals. So while you may not want to splurge on Sour Patch Kids and chocolate, you could instead get yourself some new workout clothes, nicer CBD products, or by getting a gift for a friend.

Give It Time

When you’re trying to form a new habit, you’ll probably have setbacks. That’s okay. It’s all about forming the discipline and consistency needed to make CBD a part of your daily routine.

Also, you’ll have to wait a little while for the effects of CBD to settle in. A CBD regimen may take several days to take full effect, and you may even notice the effects increasing over the course of weeks.

Either way, you’re on the way to a healthier life, and your CBD routines will be a big part of the journey. So make sure you enjoy it and make space for it in your life.

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