Silverhawks OG — Soar Through the Sky

With up to 25% THC packed into each bud, the Silverhawks OG strain is a powerful 75% sativa hybrid. It’s perfect for enjoying during the day when a little energy and creativity are needed to push through a slump, much like Jet Fuel.

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Silverhawks OG
9.8Expert Score
Silverhawks OG Flavor Scale

The dominant flavors of this strain include:

Sweet and sour citrus
Diesel notes
Musky earth

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      Silverhawks OG Information

      Designed to boost your mood and your energy at the same time, Silverhawks OG is a mild-flavored way to start your day. It’s also a good choice for midday breaks and afternoon boosts, thanks to its combination of pain-killing and uplifting effects.

      Strain Effects

      Energizing 80%
      Uplifting 83%
      Mood-boosting 72%
      Helps With
      Depression 82%
      Stress 78%
      Fatigue 63%
      ADHD 61%
      Dry Eyes
      Dry Eyes 65%
      Dizziness 46%

      Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Japanese Breakfast — Be Sweet
      Japanese Breakfast — Be Sweet 95%
      Hot Chip — Over and Over
      Hot Chip — Over and Over 79%
      Hawkwind — The Golden Void
      Hawkwind — The Golden Void 72%

      Japanese Breakfast — Be Sweet: With the perfect ’80s pop style for enjoying this strain, you’ll be surprised to find out this song was actually released in 2021.

      Hot Chip — Over and Over: Get ready for the rush that comes from Silverhawks OG with this throwback to 2006.

      Hawkwind — The Golden Void: For classic wizard rock that helps you soar as high as a hawk in a breeze, try Hawkwind.

      Pairs With Food
      Whole citrus tart
      Whole citrus tart 70%
      Chicken piccata
      Chicken piccata 66%
      Wild rice pilaf
      Wild rice pilaf 50%

      Whole citrus tart: For a sweet treat that’s tart enough to cut through the haze, try a whole citrus tart that uses peels as well as flesh.

      Chicken piccata: The sour flavors of rich chicken piccata make it the ideal main dish for enjoying after sampling a little Silverhawks OG.

      Wild rice pilaf: Bring out the earthy and pine notes of this strain by cooking up a wild rice pilaf.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Limoncello 58%
      Merlot 65%
      Blonde beers
      Blonde beers 42%

      Limoncello: With plenty of oils from lemon peels mixed into the liqueur, Limoncello is the perfect pairing to highlight the sour notes of Silverhawks OG or Lemon OG alike.

      Merlot: Earthy wines and earthy strains are a match made in relaxation heaven.

      Blonde beers: Whether it’s an IPA or based on wheat, light-colored beers are all a good choice for enjoying with this variety.

      Where The Silverhawks OG Strain Is Grown

      Bred by Greenlife of California, Silverhawks OG is a combination of White Fire Alien OG and Super Silver Haze.

      Silverhawks OG Strain Summary

      Created by the crossbreeding of two powerful strains, this OG hybrid deserves a try on a day when you need a boost without caffeine. It’s similar in many ways to other popular OG strains like Jack Herer OG.

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