Seattle Cough Strain — The Mood-Boosting Bud

Need a morning or afternoon pick-me-up? The Seattle Cough strain is ideal. This sativa-dominant hybrid is remarkably uplifting and energizing, yet its effects somehow manage to stay serene. It’s an excellent wake-and-bake strain, and it’s perfect for a midday lift to combat the blues or the afternoon slump.

Whether you’re looking to plow through a boring to-do list, finish that creative project you’ve been putting off, or boost your ability to socialize, Seattle Cough might just become your go-to gal.

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Seattle Cough Strain
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The flavor of Seattle Cough is a bit like chowing down on citrus fruits that somehow managed to grow off a pine tree. With each toke, you’ll easily pick out notes of:


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      Seattle Cough Strain Information

      The Seattle Cough strain is 70% sativa and 30% indica, with an average THC content of 20%-22% and almost no CBD. This strain kicks off with a euphoric, energizing, super-uplifting cerebral rush that’ll lift both your mood and motivation sky high. These exhilarating effects typically last for several hours, but they’re also accompanied by a gentle sense of calm that won’t slow you down in the slightest.

      Seattle Cough’s well-balanced mood-boosting and invigorating effects make it a popular choice for treating stress, depression, fatigue, pain, headaches, and inflammation.

      Seattle Cough Strain Effects

      Happy 75%
      Energized 72%
      Focused 71%
      Helps With
      Depression 77%
      Fatigue 71%
      Stress 72%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 42%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 38%
      Mild dizziness
      Mild dizziness 34%

      Seattle Cough Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Imagine Dragons — “Monday”:
      Imagine Dragons — “Monday”: 70%
      WizKid feat. Damian Marley — “Blessed”
      WizKid feat. Damian Marley — “Blessed” 72%
      Collie Buddz — “Brighter Days”
      Collie Buddz — “Brighter Days” 73%

      Imagine Dragons — “Monday”: Even on a Monday, a few tokes of Seattle Cough will get you up and moving, just like this energizing, bouncy tune.

      WizKid feat. Damian Marley — “Blessed”: This chill reggae jam alongside a few tokes of Seattle Cough will definitely have you feeling blissful and blessed.

      Collie Buddz — “Brighter Days”: Seattle Cough will have you loving life, and this joyous, reggae-esque jam will undoubtedly elevate that vibe.

      Pairs With Food
      Guacamole and tortilla chips
      Guacamole and tortilla chips 75%
      Hummus with fresh veggies and pita chips
      Hummus with fresh veggies and pita chips 72%
      Seafood 73%

      Guacamole and tortilla chips: Savory, zesty, and perfect for snacking. Guac’s super-fresh blend of flavors tastes amazing alongside the citrus and pine notes in Seattle Cough.

      Hummus with fresh veggies and pita chips: Tangy, savory, and garlicky with just a hint of citrus, this ultra-fresh snack goes great with Seattle Cough’s flavor profile and energizing effects.

      Seafood: With a squeeze of fresh lemon, shrimp, prawns, oysters, mussels, and fish, pair wonderfully with the flavors of Seattle Cough. Plus, Seattle is widely known for its amazing seafood, so it’s kind of a natural pairing for this strain.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Mimosa 68%
      Paloma 70%
      Moscow Mule
      Moscow Mule 67%

      Mimosa: It’s bubbly, citrusy, uplifting, and excellent with breakfast, just like Seattle Cough. If you’re gonna wake and bake, why not enjoy a little liquid lift too?

      Paloma: This effervescent tequila-based cocktail features grapefruit-flavored soda as its base, which pairs nicely with the citrus and pine notes in Seattle Cough.

      Moscow Mule: Zesty ginger beer and a touch of lime make this West Coast-born cocktail super refreshing, quite like the West Coast-born Seattle Cough.

      Where The Seattle Cough Strain Is Grown

      Seattle Cough was created by Dutch Brothers in Washington State. The strain’s genetics came from a Dutch Cough clone that originated in Amsterdam, and in 1991, a small group of American cannabis growers got ahold of that clone and brought it to the U.S.

      Seattle Cough Strain Summary

      If you’re on the hunt for a mega mood boost and the motivation to tackle any task or project you’ve got going on, Seattle Cough will give you what you need. This strain is best enjoyed during the morning or afternoon as its highly energizing effects won’t exactly put you in the mood to pass out. If you enjoy this strain, chances are you’ll also enjoy strains with similar effects like Sour Diesel, Green Crack, and Jazz.

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