Red Headed Stranger Strain — A Sativa Worth Getting to Know

If you’re not a fan of Willie Nelson, you likely don’t recognize this strain’s name as one of his most popular albums. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying this unique red-colored strain. It’s powerfully energizing and boasts a sativa-style set of effects that will get you going. Don’t forget other Willie Nelson-inspired strains like Sour Willie either.

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Red Headed Stranger Strain
9Expert Score
Red Headed Stranger Strain Flavor Scale

Mild and not too sweet, Red Headed Stranger greets you with familiar tastes like:

Molasses cured tobacco
Hints of mint
Spicy and herbal flavors

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      Red Headed Stranger Strain Information

      While this spicy strain has a high level of THC on average, it also packs a wallop of CBD that can measure 3% or higher. This means it’s widely used for serious medicinal demands like arthritis, cramps, seizures, and psychosis.

      Red Headed Stranger Strain Effects

      Energy boost that lasts for hours
      Energy boost that lasts for hours 85%
      Pain relief, even for severe symptoms
      Pain relief, even for severe symptoms 83%
      Increased focus and creativity
      Increased focus and creativity 86%
      Helps With
      Depression 83%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 83%
      Arthritis 81%
      Chronic fatigue
      Chronic fatigue 89%
      Anxiety at high doses
      Anxiety at high doses 36%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 41%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 40%

      Red Headed Stranger Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      LE1F – “Buzz”
      LE1F – “Buzz” 88%
      Willie Nelson – “Remember Me”
      Willie Nelson – “Remember Me” 86%
      Billy Joel – “The Stranger”
      Billy Joel – “The Stranger” 85%

      LE1F – “Buzz”: You’ll be feeling the buzz when you combine this stimulating strain and a fast-paced hip-hop hit.

      Willie Nelson – “Remember Me”: One of Willie’s more poignant songs, this country classic from the album that shares this strain’s name will put you in a relaxed mood.

      Billy Joel – “The Stranger”: Make the most of the creative buzz brought on by the Red Headed Stranger with this track as your background music.

      Pairs With Food
      BLT salad
      BLT salad 91%
      Spicy honey chicken wings
      Spicy honey chicken wings 85%
      Mint chocolate chip ice cream
      Mint chocolate chip ice cream 86%

      BLT salad: Crisp bacon and fresh tomatoes make the most of a healthy salad.

      Spicy honey chicken wings: Snacking on some spicy wings will highlight the toasty notes of this strain.

      Mint chocolate chip ice cream: Bring out the minty side of Red Headed Stranger with a sweet treat.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Red Headed Stranger cocktail
      Red Headed Stranger cocktail 85%
      Mint and citrus white wine sangria
      Mint and citrus white wine sangria 86%
      Red lager
      Red lager 85%

      Red Headed Stranger cocktail: Combining bourbon and ginger liqueur, a smoky and spicy cocktail is a perfect match for this strain.

      Mint and citrus white wine sangria: Make your own white wine sangria with a sour and minty twist.

      Red lager: Deep red color and roasted flavor make the most of Red Headed Stranger.

      Where The Red Headed Stranger Strain Is Grown

      Red Headed Stranger was first released in 2011 and quickly won awards like second place in the Cannabis Cup. The genetics behind the strain include Haze and William’s Wonder.

      Red Headed Stranger Strain Summary

      Throw yourself into the arms of a Red Headed Stranger to feel invigorated, energized, and ready to tackle those big tasks.

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