Papaya Punch Strain — Potent Yet Perfectly Peaceful

If you’re into fruity, potent bud with a balanced blend of mind and body effects, the Papaya Punch strain might just become a staple in your rotation. This slightly indica-dominant hybrid delivers a clear-headed, mentally mellowing, physically relaxing high that’s excellent for winding down your day, whether you’re chilling with friends or hanging out solo.

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Papaya Punch Strain
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Papaya Punch Strain Flavor Scale

Thanks to its super-fruity parent strains, Papaya Punch tastes like a blend of:

Tropical fruits
Sweet berries
Slightly spicy citrus

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      Papaya Punch Strain Information

      The Papaya Punch strain is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid of the super-fruity, indica-dominant Papaya and Purple Punch strains. Although this potent bud clocks in at 21%-29% THC and about 1% CBG, it delivers a calm, blissful, heady high that’s not overwhelming or seriously incapacitating.

      After a few tokes of Papaya Punch, you’ll almost instantly feel a mental lift that somehow manages to be simultaneously euphoric and calming. As your mind settles into this blissful, relaxed state, you may feel an urge to get social or lose yourself in creative endeavors.

      Eventually, a deep sense of relaxation will gradually overtake your physical form, leaving you feeling weighty and wonderful. Don’t be surprised if you ultimately end up couch-locked and ready for sleep a few hours after enjoying this potent strain.

      With its balanced blend of mentally uplifting and physically calming effects, Papaya Punch is often used as herbal medicine for alleviating mental health concerns and chronic pain.

      Papaya Punch Strain Effects

      Happy 80%
      Relaxed 75%
      Creative 82%
      Helps With
      Stress 83%
      Depression 79%
      Pain 70%
      Anxiety 78%
      Dizziness 43%
      Paranoia 39%
      Cottonmouth 42%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 41%

      Papaya Punch Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Masego, Shalea — “Bliss Abroad”
      Masego, Shalea — “Bliss Abroad” 78%
      Tropic: a — “Papaya Punch”
      Tropic: a — “Papaya Punch” 76%
      Donovan — “Mellow Yellow”
      Donovan — “Mellow Yellow” 82%

      Masego, Shalea — “Bliss Abroad”: Papaya Punch paired with Masego’s buttery vocals, and jazz-funk-soul fusion melodies is a recipe for pure, relaxing bliss.

      Tropic: a — “Papaya Punch”: If Papaya Punch leaves you feeling creative, this hypnotic, instrumental tune provides a soothing musical backdrop for all kinds of artistic pursuits.

      Donovan — “Mellow Yellow”: After a few tokes of Purple Punch, you’ll be feeling just like the title of this ’60s classic.

      Pairs With Food
      Sherbert 77%
      Tropical ceviche
      Tropical ceviche 82%
      • Slow-cooked Hawaiian pulled pork over rice
      • Slow-cooked Hawaiian pulled pork over rice 78%
      • Sherbert: Enjoy a bowl of fruity sherbert alongside your Papaya Punch, and you might just feel like you’re relaxing in the sun on a warm, summer day.
      • Tropical ceviche: It’s refreshing, unique, and packed full of tropical flavors, quite like Papaya Punch.
      • Slow-cooked Hawaiian pulled pork over rice: Nosh on this savory-sweet, island-inspired dish if you want a comforting meal to go with your mellowed-out Papaya Punch experience.
      Pairs With Spirits
      Papaya sling
      Papaya sling 78%
      Moscato 79%
      Painkiller 76%
      • Papaya sling: Sip on this herbaceous, fruity, bubbly concoction to keep your energy levels up while Papaya Punch gently relaxes you.
      • Moscato: This fruity, low-alcohol wine goes down easy and pairs nicely with just about any sweet, fruity weed. Plus, Moscato’s relatively low alcohol content won’t interfere too much with your Papaya Punch experience.
      • Painkiller: Sip on this tropical, pineapple-forward cocktail to enhance Papaya Punch’s sweet, fruity notes and relaxing, paradise-like vibe.

      Where The Papaya Punch Strain Is Grown

      The breeders at Diem Farms in Independence, Oregon, created the Papaya Punch strain.

      Papaya Punch Strain Summary

      Are you a fan of potent, relaxing strains that bliss you out without getting you overly stoned or sedated? Then you’ll definitely want to give Papaya Punch a try. If you appreciate this strain’s effects, you’ll probably also enjoy strains with similarly balanced effects like Ice Cream Cake and Do-Si-Dos.

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