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Full Joy

The Kaya Full Joy Strain is a flawless fusion of hazelnut and fruit flavors. Full Joy (the Rasta way of saying enjoy) has a distinctly cheesy taste with a light citrus aftertaste. With this sativa, the smooth high should hit you first in the head, then linger throughout the body.

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Kaya Full Joy Strain
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Full Joy has a sweet mixture of hazelnut and fruit flavors that mingles with a distinctly cheesy initial taste followed by an aftertaste hint of citrus. The nutty aromas, mixed with the skunky sweet tones make it a unique flavor pallate.


      AVO Ratings



      13% THC



      0% CBD

      Full Joy Information

      Full Joy is from the Joy, also known as “Lemon Joy”, strain family, which is actually known to be from the Lemon Kush family. With its origin in Morocco, Jamaica, India and Colorado, this sativa strain has a hazelnut and citrus blend of flavors that follows into a cheesy and sweet citrusy taste.  It is infamous for its lemon citrus aromas and blissful effects, which start in the head and flow through the body. The sweet flavor pairs well with rum, tequila and cognac

      Full Joy Effects


      Full Joy Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Damian Marley ft. Stephen Markley
      Medication 80%
      Protoje, ft Koffee
      Switch It Up 50%
      Lila Iké
      Solitude 75%
      Pairs With Food
      Kaya Mystic Pizza
      veggies and meat smorgasborg 90%
      Pad Thai Noodles
      rice noodles, peanut sauce, protein of your choice 88%
      Nutella Crepes
      hazelnut delight 66%
      Pairs With Spirits
      The Nutty Irishman
      Frangelico and Irish Creme Liqueur 85%
      Amaretto Cranberry Kiss
      cranberry, amaretto, orange juice and vodka 89%
      Red Wine
      Zinfandel 50%

      Where The Full Joy Is Grown

      Full Joy Summary

      Full Joy is a sativa strain that has delicious scents of hazelnut and fruit.  Originating from the strain Lemon Joy and the Lemon Kush family, Full Joy has a high that will hit you hard in the head and face first and then gracefully lingering to the remaining parts of the body.  With initial cheesy flavor and citrusy aftertaste, we would pair this with a slice of Kaya’s Mystic Pizza and/or an Amaretto or Frangelico cocktail.

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