Kaya Bali Hai

Bali Hai came from Kaya’s founder’s first  legal harvest. This strain will forever have a special place in Kaya’s history and cannabis industry lore. Read on below to learn more about this amazing strain.

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Kaya Bali Hai Strain
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Bali Hai Flavor Scale

A citrus, gassy flower that has a burn that is aromatic and vivid. Grapefruit is a major note you can pick up right away with this strong, one-of-a-kind strain.


      AVO Ratings



      18% THC



      0% CBD

      Bali Hai Information

      Bali Hai came from Kaya’s ability to do a pheno hunt in which this strain was the chosen one. It had the best active attributes of the original NYC Diesel, mixed with Afghan #2.

      Afghan #2 is traced back to Afghan Kush, an indica, known for its sedating effects.  While NYC Diesel, related to Sour Diesel, is a hybrid that leans on the sativa side and is known for its potent euphoric elevation.

      With its gassy aromas we would pair this with a fine red Shiraz or Syrah.  It’s grapefruit hints makes us think of a Grapefruit Bellini, made with grapefruit juice, simple syrup, a splash of lemon juice and some Prosecco or Champagne.

      Bali Hai Effects


      Bali Hai Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Bob Marley & The Wailers
      Exodus (Deluxe Edition) 99%
      Proteje and Chronixx
      Who Knows 85%
      Beenie Man
      Wicked Slam 95%
      Pairs With Food
      Kaya's Jerk Chicken Sausage Pizza
      local favorite 82%
      Salmon Greek Salad
      with a lemon basil dressing 77%
      Brussel Sprout Slow Bake Casserole
      gas 69%
      Pairs With Spirits
      Grapefruit Bellini
      Prosecco or Champagne, your choice 95%
      Red Wine
      A deep red Syrah or Shiraz 70%
      Tequila Sunrise
      Blanco Silver Tequila 78%

      Where The Bali Hai Is Grown

      Bali Hai Summary

      Bali Hali is Kaya’s first legal harevst in Jamaica and is a sativa with notorious roots, crossed between Afghan #2 and NYC Diesel.  Its active attributes create a distinctive elevation and robust effects. This strain has citrus hints of grapefruit and a solid gassy aroma that pairs with a red wine,  tequila, rum, or grapefruit bellini. 

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