Grape Jelly Strain — The Grape Escape

When you need some smoke that’ll help you escape the stress and cares of the day, reach for the Grape Jelly strain. This slightly indica-dominant cross of the Sweet Purple D and OG Glue strains is decidedly delightful with its fruity, floral flavor profile and beautifully soothing and uplifting effects. A moderate dose will have you feeling happy, mentally invigorated, and sociable at first, but once those sativa-driven effects fade, you’ll find yourself drifting into a drowsy, dream-like state.

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Grape Jelly Strain
9.5Expert Score
Grape Jelly Strain Flavor Scale

Grape Jelly doesn’t taste exactly like its namesake, but it’s pretty darn close. With each toke, your tastebuds will detect:

Sweet grape
Floral lavender
Sweet ‘n’ sour berries

      AVO Ratings



      23% -28%




      Grape Jelly Strain Information

      Grape Jelly is a 60/40 indica-sativa hybrid that averages about 23% THC but has tested as high as 28%. This terpene- and trichome-rich strain delivers a potent yet well-balanced, mentally uplifting, and physically soothing high that’ll leave you feeling joyful, relaxed, contemplative, creative, and talkative.

      As your high wears on, you’ll notice your body becoming more jelly-like as pain and physical tension gradually melt away. Grape Jelly will likely leave you moderately incapacitated after its sativa buzz wears off, so if you need help falling asleep, this sweet treat may be a solid evening smoke.

      Grape Jelly Strain Effects

      Uplifted 89%
      Happy 86%
      Sociable 87%
      Relaxed 85%
      Helps With
      Depression 83%
      Stress 81%
      Attention-deficit disorders
      Attention-deficit disorders 79%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 90%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 41%
      Paranoia 45%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 42%
      Headache 40%

      Grape Jelly Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Franc Moody — “Dopamine”
      Franc Moody — “Dopamine” 82%
      LEISURE, Sumac Dub — “Mesmerized”
      LEISURE, Sumac Dub — “Mesmerized” 86%
      Slenderbodies — “ruminate”
      Slenderbodies — “ruminate” 85%

      Franc Moody — “Dopamine”: When you need a mega-hit of delight-inducing dopamine, this funky, upbeat jam paired with a few hits of Grape Jelly should do the trick quick-like.

      LEISURE, Sumac Dub — “Mesmerized”: A dose of Grape Jelly will almost surely leave you mesmerized, and this hypnotic track can only enhance the experience.

      slenderbodies — “ruminate”: When Grape Jelly sends you into an ultra-contemplative state, play this soothing, mesmerizing track on repeat and let it help boost your bud-induced brain power.

      Pairs With Food
      Gourmet PB&J
      Gourmet PB&J 86%
      Grape jelly meatballs
      Grape jelly meatballs 84%
      Grape, burrata, and prosciutto crostini
      Grape, burrata, and prosciutto crostini 82%
      • Gourmet PB&J: If you loved PB&J as a kid, try this adultified version alongside some Grape Jelly — the combo will blow your tastebuds away.
      • Grape jelly meatballs: Not something you’ve ever heard of? Don’t knock it ‘til ya try it. This sweet ‘n’ savory appetizer is surprisingly delicious, especially after a few tokes of your sweet smoke.
      • Grape, burrata, and prosciutto crostini: If you wanna take advantage of Grape Jelly’s sociability-enhancing effects, invite some friends over, serve this sweet ‘n’ savory appetizer, and get zonked on the za.
      Pairs With Spirits
      Lavender bees knees
      Lavender bees knees 83%
      Grape-rosemary gin crush
      Grape-rosemary gin crush 85%
      Red wine
      Red wine 78%
      • Lavender bees knees: If you’re a fan of Grape Jelly’s floral notes, this sweet treat of a cocktail should be right up your alley.
      • Grape-rosemary gin crush: Bring some dimension to the taste of your sweet smoke with this refreshing, herbaceous, sweet-tart libation.
      • Red wine: Kick back with a glass of fermented grape juice and a bowl of Grape Jelly and chill out like a pro.

      Where The Grape Jelly Strain Is Grown

      Grape Jelly was created by breeders Mary Jones and Uncle Spaceman, but this bud’s birthplace is currently unknown.

      Grape Jelly Strain Summary

      Grape Jelly can be a great choice if you’re looking for a late afternoon or early evening treat that’ll liven you up before it lays you out. If this strain hits you just right, you may also enjoy Grape Diamonds, a 50/50 hybrid with a similar flavor and effects.

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