Golden Lemon Strain — Solid Gold Citrus Soul

If you’re looking for a marijuana strain with hybrid effects that lean towards the indica side of things, choose Golden Lemon. It’s a much more sour alternative to the tropical flavors of a strain like Hawaiian Cookies. You might pucker up a bit when exhaling this citrus wonder.

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Golden Lemon Strain
9.5Expert Score
Golden Lemon Strain Flavor Scale

More for fans of the mellow taste of Larry Bird than the dessert sweetness of Cherry Pie,

Sweet citrus
Sour lemon and lime
Hints of earthiness

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      Golden Lemon Strain Information

      Thanks to an average THC level of 25% or higher, you won’t pass a THC drug test soon after enjoying this strain. It has a moderate CBD dosage as well at .5%. This gives it plenty of relaxing and pain-relieving effects without putting you to sleep while you’re still reading how to roll a blunt.

      Golden Lemon Strain Effects

      Relaxation 85%
      Tingling body high
      Tingling body high 89%
      Happiness 82%
      Helps With
      Depression 90%
      Stress 88%
      Anxiety 83%
      Anxiety 85%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 88%
      Migraines 91%
      Cramps 86%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 43%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 44%

      Golden Lemon Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Christian French – “Golden Years”
      Christian French – “Golden Years” 85%
      Raynes – “Lemon Drop”
      Raynes – “Lemon Drop” 83%
      Kali Uchis – “Moonlight”
      Kali Uchis – “Moonlight” 82%

      Christian French – “Golden Years”: Get in the mood to reminisce with some Golden Lemon and this smooth pop hit.

      Raynes – “Lemon Drop”: Let a playful indie song put you in the right frame of mind to enjoy this strain.

      Kali Uchis – “Moonlight”: For late-night sessions with the Golden Lemon, set the mood with some Kali Uchis.

      Pairs With Food
      Watermelon feta salad
      Watermelon feta salad 84%
      Shrimp fajitas
      Shrimp fajitas 84%
      Cannabis-infused lemon bars
      Cannabis-infused lemon bars 89%

      Watermelon feta salad: Mix up a healthy combination with the sweet and salty flavor to complement the Golden Lemon strain.

      Shrimp fajitas: Hot sizzled peppers and shrimp will fulfill your munchies.

      Cannabis-infused lemon bars: A lemon-flavored strain is a perfect fit for edible recipes that rely on lemon zest.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Hard strawberry lemonade
      Hard strawberry lemonade 83%
      Gold Rush
      Gold Rush 85%
      Pale ale
      Pale ale 89%

      Hard strawberry lemonade: Sweet and sour drinks are the key for those who don’t like the taste of alcohol.

      Gold Rush: Mix up a big batch of these cocktails that sweeten smoky bourbon with honey.

      Pale ale: A sour beer is an ideal pairing for such a sour strain.

      Where The Golden Lemon Strain Is Grown

      This particular cannabis strain came from a cross between Lemon Skunk and the uniquely-named Kosher Kush. It’s believed to originate in Colorado.

      Golden Lemon Strain Summary

      If you’re a fan of citrus strains that are on the sour side, like Grapefruit, put the Golden Lemon strain at the top of your list. It’s well-balanced but distinctly lemon-flavored experience will leave you feeling relaxed, tingly, and happy.

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