Dinachem Strain — A Dynamic and Dreamy ChemDawg Descendant

According to breeders, the Dinachem strain is “the European version of an American cannabis icon,” so if you’re looking to try out a moderately potent strain with exquisite genetics, this is it. A slightly sativa-dominant hybrid, Dinachem is a dreamy, slightly stimulating, happiness-inducing strain that’ll have you ready to glide through your day with ease.

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Dinachem Strain
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Dinachem Strain Flavor Scale

Dinachem is one of the stinkiest dawg strains to date, and its flavor profile is just as strong. When you partake, you’ll immediately pick up on notes of:

Sweet citrus
Earthy pine
Pungent fuel

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      Dinachem Strain Information

      Dinachem is a moderately potent (17%-21% THC), slightly sativa-dominant cross between the dank, sativa-heavy Chemdawg ‘91 strain and the fruity, indica-dominant Guava Chem strain. This bud will have you up and moving and getting stuff done, but don’t expect to stay focused on any one thing for too long. You’ll feel calm and happy, yet social and perhaps even giggly, and if you’re the creative type, expect to get a boost in the imagination department, too.

      Although Dinachem is slightly sativa dominant, it’s best enjoyed in the afternoon or early evening as this bud’s indica side tends to produce a relaxed and faded mental effect as its high wears on. Some users may even feel slightly sleepy after Dinachem’s initial euphoric effects fade away.

      Recreational users love Dinachem for its uplifting yet calming effects. While medical tokers often turn to the strain for help with depression, chronic stress, loss of appetite, mood swings, and nausea.

      Dinachem Strain Effects

      Happy 79%
      Relaxed 73%
      chatty 72%
      Helps With
      Stress 75%
      Depression 69%
      Low appetite
      Low appetite 72%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 38%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 41%

      Dinachem Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Mr. Goldenfold — “Pool Party”
      Mr. Goldenfold — “Pool Party” 71%
      Bob Marley and the Wailers — “Lively Up Yourself”
      Bob Marley and the Wailers — “Lively Up Yourself” 73%
      Empire of the Sun — “ Walking on a Dream”
      Empire of the Sun — “ Walking on a Dream” 74%

      Mr. Goldenfold — “Pool Party”: Dinachem is known for delivering a sunny, social buzz, which makes this fun instrumental jam a perfect musical pairing. It’s even better if you’re actually throwing a pool party and partaking with friends.

      Bob Marley and the Wailers — “Lively Up Yourself”: If you wanna get your mood boost on, this uplifting reggae jam is basically made for that. Enjoy it while you burn some Dinachem, and you’ll be feeling pretty darn dreamy.

      Empire of the Sun — “ Walking on a Dream”: After a few tokes of Dinachem, you’ll pretty much be feeling like the title of this super-fun song. Jam out. Have a dance party. Get your happy on.

      Pairs With Food
      Charcuterie 72%
      Tostadas 77%
      Grilled foods
      Grilled foods 74%

      Charcuterie: Dinachem’s pungent, earthy notes will have your palate primed and ready for some strong cheeses, and salty-savory cured meats.

      Tostadas: They’re fun to prepare and even more fun to eat. Enjoy alongside some Dinachem, and you might just find these flat tacos are even more mind-blowing than usual.

      Grilled foods: Dinachem’s bold, in-your-face flavor calls for food that’s equally assertive. Smoky grilled meats and veggies fit the bill perfectly. They’re even better drenched in BBQ sauce.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Bloody Mary
      Bloody Mary 74%
      Spiked lemonade
      Spiked lemonade 76%
      Pale Ale
      Pale Ale 79%

      Bloody Mary: This vodka-based cocktail is bold, super flavorful, and suitable for any time of day, quite like Dinachem.

      Spiked lemonade: It’s zesty, uplifting, and refreshing, which makes it a natural pairing for Dinachem’s flavor profile and effects. Vodka or light rum works best.

      Pale Ale: Enjoying Dinachem is kinda like inhaling a beer — it just makes you wanna enjoy your day. An IPA or pale ale goes great with this strain as their pungent and citrusy notes complement each other nicely.

      Where The Dinachem Strain Is Grown

      The Dinachem strain was created by the team at Dinafem Seeds in Spain. This bud is a direct descendant of the legendary Chemdawg ‘91 strain, which was crossed with Guava Chem, another strain with Chemdawg genetics.

      Dinachem Strain Summary

      If you’re looking for an energizing and dynamic high, Dinachem delivers. This bud’s relatively balanced effects and moderate potency make it a solid choice for anyone wanting to liven up their afternoon or early evening without getting overly stimulated. Similarly, sunny and social strains include Jazz, Strawberry Blue, and Sleestack.

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