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The Cheetah Piss strain is a funky cult favorite that feels a lot better than it may smell. It’s the perfect hybrid, known to sedate the body and awaken the mind. Much like the large cat, the effects of Cheetah Piss are fast and robust.

It has a whopping 22% THC, which might relate to why it makes you feel so tingly.

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cheetah piss strain
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Cheetah Piss Flavor Scale

Cheetah Piss is a classic tasting strain that mixes flavors like skunk and diesel with lemony vanilla. For more Diesel flavors, check out Jet Fuel.


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      Cheetah Piss Strain Information

      The name Cheetah Piss comes lovingly after the classic strain Cat Piss; however, the effects are different as Cat Piss is a sativa, while Cheetah Piss is a hybrid. Expect to be curious, giggly, and sedated for a few hours.

      Strain Effects

      Happy 68%
      Talkative 79%
      Giggly 80%
      Helps With
      Anxiety 74%
      Depression 75%
      Pain 71%
      Dry mouth
      Happy 50%

      Cheetah Piss Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Kim Petras — Icy
      Kim Petras — Icy 78%
      The 1975 — Love Me
      Happy 73%
      Christine and the Queens — Damn (What Must a Woman Do)
      Christine and the Queens — Damn (What Must a Woman Do) 72%

      Kim Petras — Icy

      Kim Petras is an icon, and beyond that, she’s making the most fun music you can find. Listen to her when you want to feel uplifted and invincible.

      The 1975 — Love Me

      The 1975’s music is about as diverse as the effects of this strain. If you’re hoping to chill out, check out their songs “Somebody Else” and “Change of Heart,” and turn “Chocolate” and “Love Me” up when you have an upbeat mood.

      Christine and the Queens — Damn (What Must a Woman Do)

      Christine is a French native who found her home among New York drag queens, and if that doesn’t get you excited about her music, just listen to how she effortlessly blends the English and French language into her music.

      Pairs With Food
      Dark Chocolate
      Dark Chocolate 72%
      Pita and Hummus
      Pita and Hummus 50%
      Happy 50%

      Dark Chocolate: Use dark chocolate as a late-night dessert or an energizing snack. If you don’t like dark chocolate, opt for milk chocolate instead.

      Pita and Hummus: This munchies favorite is not only healthy but also known for granting energy and wakefulness because of the hummus.

      Salmon: After smoking Cheetah Piss, you may be on the hunt for dinner. Fish isn’t just for hungry felines; it’s also a healthy and filling dish. Squeeze some lemon on top to match the lemony tastes of Cheetah Piss.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Mike's Harder Lemonade
      Mike's Harder Lemonade 68%
      Jam Jar Wine
      Jam Jar Wine 69%
      Mezcal Pineapple Sour
      Mezcal Pineapple Sour 70%

      Mike’s Harder Lemonade: The lemony flavors of Cheetah Piss are begging for some lemonade, and Mike’s Harders are not only tasty but also deceivingly effective. Popping this can will make you want to sit out by the pool on a summer’s day.

      Jam Jar Wine: If you need something tasty to undo the taste of Cheetah Piss, Jam Jar is a fantastic and deliciously sweet wine. Picture drinking an alcoholic homemade jam.

      Mezcal Pineapple Sour: This dinner cocktail might look like what one thinks of when they hear the name Cheetah Piss, but don’t be deceived. It’s delightfully sweet and perfectly sour.

      Where The Strain Is Grown

      The strain is relatively new and has roots in California.

      Cheetah Piss Strain Summary

      Cheetah Piss is a strain the authentic stoners know is worth every toke. It’s sure to be an uplifting and productive high that will make you fun at parties or ready to spring clean. Cheetah Piss is undoubtedly the hybrid for you if you’re adventurous enough.

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