California Sour Diesel Strain — A Classic Cali Combination

California wasn’t just one of the first states to legalize marijuana — it’s long been the home of great genetics. California Sour Diesel is just one of many strains to prove this fact true. Slightly different than the standard Sour Diesel strain that is part of its parentage, this stain deserves to be sampled any day you’re lacking motivation.

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California Sour Diesel Strain
9.5Expert Score
California Sour Diesel Strain Flavor Scale

Don’t let the fuel flavor scare you away. While the flavor is powerful, it’s also complex with notes of:

Spicy pepper and cinnamon
Pungent blue cheese
Classic sour diesel

      AVO Ratings



      19% - 21%




      California Sour Diesel Strain Information

      Similar to Sour Breath, this strain balances both the heavy body high common to sour strains and the energy offered by the sativa crossed into it. It’s good for stimulating creativity or conversation, as long as you’re not already sleepy.

      California Sour Diesel Strain Effects

      Body relaxation
      Body relaxation 71%
      Mood-boosting 72%
      Focused creativity
      Focused creativity 74%
      Helps With
      Depression 75%
      Anxiety 73%
      Arthritis 69%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 46%

      California Sour Diesel Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      The Eagles — “Hotel California”
      The Eagles — “Hotel California” 67%
      Rihanna — “Diamonds”
      Rihanna — “Diamonds” 64%
      Doja Cat — “Woman”
      Doja Cat — “Woman” 69%

      The Eagles — “Hotel California”: You’ll never want to leave after indulging in a little California Sour Diesel.

      Rihanna — “Diamonds”: One of Rihanna’s most upbeat songs is perfect for taking advantage of the creative euphoria from this strain.

      Doja Cat — “Woman”: Puff a little California Sour Diesel and let Doja Cat’s dulcet tones carry you away.

      Pairs With Food
      Tamales 72%
      Strawberry shortcake
      Strawberry shortcake 72%
      All dressed chips
      All dressed chips 69%

      Tamales: Tap into the Mexican heritage behind this strain’s genetics with classic Tamales.

      Strawberry shortcake: Sweet and creamy berry flavors are perfect for sweetening up the taste of California Sour Diesel.

      All dressed chips: They can be hard to find, but potato chips with all the toppings are worth searching out to pair with this strain.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Rye 72%
      Lemongrass IPA
      Lemongrass IPA 68%
      Diesel Fuel cocktail
      Diesel Fuel cocktail 71%

      Rye: The spicy taste of Rye makes it the ideal liquor for sipping while enjoying California Sour Diesel.

      Lemongrass IPA: An Indian Pale Ale is already the ideal choice for this strain due to its sour and sharp flavors, but a lemongrass-enhanced version is even better.

      Diesel Fuel cocktail: A Florida classic, this supercharged version of a Long Island Iced Tea disguises the taste of multiple liquors with cola and sour mix.

      Where The California Sour Diesel Strain Is Grown

      As the name suggests, this strain hails from California as a project of the Humboldt Seed Company. It’s a combination of storied strains Headband and Sour Diesel Bx3.

      California Sour Diesel Strain Summary

      This sedating but stimulating diesel-flavored strain is worth seeking out. While it may not be the sweetest or most sativa-dominant variety, it’s a well-balanced classic.

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