California Bill Would Allow Interstate Cannabis Commerce

Interstate Marijuana Commerce Bill Introduced in California

The Senate Bill 1326 was introduced and if passed would allow interstate marijuana commerce. 

The bill would allow the governor to enter into agreements between California and one or multiple states allowing state-legal businesses to conduct commercial cannabis activity.

The bill does have protections for imports into the state to protect local cannabis busineses.

“The bill would prohibit an entity with a commercial cannabis license issued under the laws of another state from engaging in commercial cannabis activity within the boundaries of this state without a state license, or within a local jurisdiction without a license, permit, or other authorization issued by the local jurisdiction.”

Our opinion - We are all about California Love!

The legalization of marijuana in California generated some bumps and bruises for almost everyone involved. The dispensaries got hit that hardest by taxes, not being able to bank (making them cash heavy targets for robbers), and other things.

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interstate commerce bill

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