What is a Wax Pen & How Do You Use One?

Are you looking to change up your high? Then grab your wax pen and discover the wonderful world of cannabis concentrates. With marijuana legalization hitting 23 states, millions of Americans have gained access to these pens for the first time.

If you’re new to the game, we will discuss what a wax pen is and why you should use them.

What is a Wax Pen?

Wax pens are designed for the singular purpose of vaporizing cannabis concentrates. If you already know how to roll a blunt, then you know that it can get old fast. But it gives you an incredible high because of fewer byproducts and a more significant concentration of THC.

For example, solvent-based products can have THC concentrations surpassing the 80% and 90% marks.

But are wax pens actually wax?

In short, no. Wax pens gain their name from the waxy consistencies of many cannabis concentrates. If you’re comparing a wax pen vs. a dab pen, then these are the same thing. Like all the different names for weed, wax pens can be known as dab pens and weed pens, but vape pens are entirely different.

Unlike wax or dab rigs, which use open flames and other accessories to consume cannabis concentrates, pens use electrical energy to heat the concentrate to the right temperature. Once it reaches the correct temperature, the substance is vaporized and can be vaped like using an e-cigarette.

What is the Difference Between a Wax Pen and a Vape?

Both products are designed to vaporize a product but are not the same. Wax pens work specifically with marijuana concentrates and cannabis oil. On the other hand, vapes are more versatile and may be used with e-liquids, tobacco products, and even marijuana cartridges.

Is a Wax Pen the Same as a Cart?

No, wax pens are not the same as THC cartridges. Despite their similarities, all types of wax pens must be manually loaded with your concentrates. On the other hand, cartridges can be purchased for your vape and plugged in.

How to Use a Wax Pen

Wax pens are designed to be user-friendly and straightforward for beginners. Over the years, cannabis marketing has led to a range of simplified devices requiring zero technical knowledge.

If you’re interested in testing out a brand-new cannabis strain and format, it offers an excellent opportunity to experience something new. But first, you must load your concentrates manually into the chamber.

Consider using dab tools to make this process easier. Some concentrates are highly viscous and sticky, making the process challenging for beginners.

The next step is setting the temperature and other settings to get the desired experience. Each pen usually has step-by-step instructions to guide you when loading your concentrates for the first time.

Finally, press a little button and begin vaping. Some models have even removed the button, meaning it will automatically begin working when you vape. With this in mind, do wax pens smell a lot?

Despite the high concentrations of THC, the lack of smoke and aromatic compounds means the smell is minimal. Of course, it can be detected, but it tends to dissipate quickly and is far less pungent than traditional smoking.

Why Use a Wax Pen?

The popularity of pens has soared in recent years. These findings align with a general rise in the popularity of vaping, with the Pew Research Center stating that two in ten Americans under 29 vape today.

So, why should you use it instead of THC gummies or other cannabis products?

·                Efficiency – Pens offer more efficient consumption of THC than learning how to roll a joint conventionally.

·                Potency – These products are significantly more potent than other forms of cannabis.

·                Portability– Since pens are much smaller and more compact than rigs, it has never been simpler to carry around your kit discreetly.

·                Health – With fewer byproducts when compared to smoking, vaping your weed is much better for your lungs.

·                Dosage – Get the precise dosage you expect instead of learning how many ounces in a pound of weed. Pens allow you to micromanage your doses.

·                Flavor – Enjoy the natural flavor profiles of your cannabis concentrates without worrying about the combustion process transforming it.

How to Choose a Wax Pen

Are you searching for a new flavor that you can use to change your smoking sessions? Then selecting the right kit is vital. With so many options on the market, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by choice.

Here’s what to look for in your dab pen:

·                Top-quality airflow

·                Automatic shutdown function

·                Durable battery

·                Multiple power settings

·                Smart, comfortable design

·                USB charging option

·                Customer reviews

Choosing a pen is like picking between different types of weed grinders. Take the time to do your research for a better experience when loading up your pen’s chamber.

Are Wax Pens Illegal?

It may surprise you to learn that the answer isn’t straightforward. For example, even though Canada legalized marijuana in 2018, dab pens remain illegal due to the THC content of concentrates surpassing the legal limit.

Ensure that you look up the regulations in your area first.

How Much Should a Wax Pen Be?

Wax pens are remarkably cheap compared to the components that go into building custom rigs. Don’t get drawn in by celebrity weed brands. Search for the pen that gives you the functionality that you expect.

Generally, low-end pens can cost as little as $30, with more expensive versions hitting the $150-$200 range. In most cases, it’s best to opt for a mid-range to high-end pen to ensure that you get the maximum functionality and longevity from it.


If you’re tired of taking manual weed measurements and rolling your joint, it could be time to switch to concentrates. But take precautions because cannabis concentrates are significantly more potent than cannabis flower. Beginners often become overwhelmed by the power of concentrates.

At Flavor Fix, we specialize in educating the world on everything marijuana. Discover a new flavor by browsing our platform today.

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