The International Church of Cannabis: The Church of 420

Cannabis legalization has meant so much more than legal dispensaries. Before Tokelahoma became the hot new cannabis market, there was the International Church of Cannabis located in Denver, Colorado.

Marijuana has always had a spiritual bent with some, but a church to praise weed, really? That’s right, sit in the pews and pass along a Member Berry joint while admiring some kooky art.

Still confused? Here’s your guide to the International Church of Cannabis.

What is the Church of Cannabis in Denver?

Colorado has long been at the forefront of common-sense cannabis since its initial legalization in 2012.

This is why Colorado has often been a popular location for visitors who love to smoke after a long day of touring. Most recently, the Centennial State has become the first to introduce automated cannabis vending machines.

But the International Church of Cannabis launched in 2017 has put the state firmly on the map. Established by a religious group known as the Elevationists, this is a location where people can enjoy a safe space for weed.

Whether you need to learn how to roll a blunt or just want to meet some like-minded people, grabbing International Church of Cannabis tickets is a great choice when you visit the Mile High City.

What is an Elevationist?

The Church of Cannabis isn’t a piece of satire but a genuine place for enhancing your spiritual journey. Elevationists are a semi-religious sect that believes cannabis is a core tool for becoming the best version of yourself.

And Elevationists at the church will help you discover yourself as you embark upon your spiritual journey.

But while this sounds like a cult, it’s far from it. You don’t need to become an Elevationist or hold any spiritual beliefs to enter the church and connect with others.

About the International Church of Cannabis

The Church of 420 is much more than an excuse for people to smoke cannabis. However, the creed focuses on spirituality rather than adherence to strict religious principles.

It invites beginners to learn things like how many ounces in a pound of weed and veteran stoners seeking a new cannabis strain to guide them on their journeys of self-discovery. You don’t even have to join the church to visit.

But what else can you expect to encounter when visiting the church?

Located on 400 S Logan Street, Denver, you’ll immediately notice the bold and vibrant colors decorating the inside of the church. As a former Lutheran church, the church maintains a semi-traditional exterior while opting for a semi-psychedelic interior.

Who painted the International Church of Cannabis?

The church interior was painted by famous Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel, who has a long track record of painting abandoned churches across his homeland of Spain and neighboring Morocco. In this case, he opted for images of animals and geometric neon colors.

Outside, American artist Kenny Scharf painted the façade using an urban, graffiti-inspired launchpad.

Unlike conventional churches, you won’t find hymns and Bible verse readings here. Instead, the church holds regular comedy shows, light shows, and theater performances. Plus, you can even hold dedicated weed weddings, where members can bring out their favorite Headband or Grape Ape to celebrate.

international church of cannabis

How to Join the International Church of Cannabis as a Full Member

Membership in the Church of 420 isn’t a big deal. You don’t need to live in Denver or attend mandatory services.

The only reason membership exists on the International Church of Cannabis website, to begin with, is due to Colorado’s laws on public marijuana consumption. Under the law, private member events allow you to consume on public property.

This is why consuming homemade weed recipes or products from cannabis brands can only happen as part of private member events.

Just contact them during business hours to find out which forms you must fill out to become a member.

What is the Religious Use of Cannabis?

At the Church of 420, consumption happens every four to six weeks as part of their burning sacrament. The church neither partakes in cannabis marketing nor sells any THC products themselves. Moreover, you cannot consume during public opening hours anywhere on the grounds.

But if you decide to sign up and become a member, what’s the spiritual philosophy behind cannabis use?

Firstly, cannabis and religion have been bedwarmers together for thousands of years. Shamanic and paganistic religions have used weed to deal with religion, politics, and philosophy for a long time.

Even today, religions like Rastafarianism still include cannabis consumption as a vital part of their belief systems. And it doesn’t just extend to weed. Some cultures have even used shrooms for the same reasons.

The International Church of Cannabis Belief System

Adherents to the church, formed after recreational marijuana legalization, are known as Elevationists. They use cannabis, which they describe as “the sacred flower,” to deepen their self-discovery and awaken themselves.

Awakened members of the church have reached a transcendental nature when smoking cannabis. Despite this, there’s no set journey members must take to remain a member of the congregation.

It has no doctrine, divine law, gods, or dogma. In fact, the only regular church service held is every Friday, known as the “sacrament of cannabis.”

Marked by a set of interlocking triangles as their logo, anyone can join and pursue their spiritual experience however they see fit.

The only rule is the Golden Rule, which is treating people as you would like to be treated. This is the only part of the church’s doctrine taken directly from Christianity and the Bible. But if you’re a good person, that should be no problem.


The 420 Church is the ultimate destination for anyone looking to discover a new flavor and deepen themselves spiritually. If you’re heading to Denver and not worried about an upcoming drug test, ensure this is part of your itinerary.

At Flavor Fix, we have lots of recommendations for cannabis-friendly spots around the world and new strains to try. Read through our guides to deepen your understanding of this magical plant today.

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