Green Tea Shot Recipe – How to Make Green Tea Shots at Home

Vibrant and invigorating, the traditional green tea shot recipe is a mainstay of the modern age of mixology. Since coming to prominence in the 2000s, green tea shots made from premium whiskey are a regular fixture at parties.

So, if you’re ready to up your party shooter game, here’s everything you need to know about making the green tea shot full drink for your guests.

What is a Green Tea Shot?

Today, 62% of Americans currently drink, and most will have tried a party shooter at some point. But this quick and easy shooter is fast becoming one of the go-to options for adult gatherings and wild house parties, not just frat parties.

One of the reasons why it’s so popular is because of how easily whisky connoisseurs can put this shooter together at home. You can also expand it into a complete cocktail with the right green tea alcoholic drink recipe.

So, how strong is a green tea shot?

It depends on the alcohol, but this is a heavy shot due to its ingredients. Primarily, the foundation of a green tea shot is Irish whiskey, some sweet peach schnapps, and a sour mix. If you like it strong, this shot can range from 40-70% ABV.

As a drink, this is a straight, sweet, and sour shooter, which easily ranks as one of the best-tasting cocktails.

What is a Green Tea Shot Made Of?

Green tea shots are made from equal parts Irish whiskey, your brand of peach schnapps, sour mix, and top-up of citrus soda.

Even though it’s sweet and is one of the best ways to drink whiskey on a budget, green tea shots pack a punch.

Most of the vast variation in alcohol content comes not from the whiskey, which is often 40% ABV, but the peach schnapps, which varies dramatically. It’s not uncommon for a strong green tea shot recipe to hit the heights of 70% ABV.

Do Green Tea Shots Get You Drunk?

With two potent spirits, green tea shots can get you drunk if you consume enough of them. If you’re making your green tea shot recipe into a complete cocktail, it can get you dizzy fast, so don’t underestimate it.

Why is it Called a Green Tea Shot?

Green tea shots have nothing to do with natural, energizing green tea whatsoever. It acquired its name from the drink’s color, which resembles green tea.

Note that the sour mix controls the color of a green tea shot. Since all sour mixes are made differently, various brands will give you varying aesthetics.

Can I Make a Green Tea Shot With Any Type of Whiskey?

You may have heard that Jameson Irish is this shot’s only acceptable whiskey brand. Although Jameson was used in the original incarnation, you’re not restricted to using Irish whiskey.

Any type of whiskey, like Scotch whisky, may be used. Generally, you should stick to blended whiskeys when switching styles. It’s also worth learning more about your whiskey, as there’s a big difference between blends worldwide and what they work with.

The History of the Green Tea Shot Recipe

Unlike other cocktails, the history of the green tea shot is pretty straightforward. It was invented in the early 2000s, believed to be in a college town by an unknown bartender.

Rumor has it that this creation became a hit among the locals and quickly spread nationwide. However, nobody can name the town, the bar, or the bartender.

The only sure thing is that the Jameson Irish whiskey company (yes, that Jameson) had something to do with it. This is why you can’t just use any whiskey around the world to make it. For the classic green tea shot, it must be a Jameson whiskey.

And today, you’ll still find green tea shots in most party venues.

Best Cannabis Pairings for Green Tea Shots

Pairing your favorite weed strain with a tasty alcoholic beverage is nothing new. This is why the cannabis-infused beverage market has a projected 54% CAGR from 2021-2028.

But which cannabis strain is right for you largely depends on the drink. In terms of a whiskey-based shooter or cocktail, it can be a little trickier because of the subtle flavor profiles of this spirit.

With that in mind, here are some cannabis pairings for you to try with your green tea shooters:

·                Orange Velvet Underground

·                Vortex

·                3 Kings

·                Black Velvet

·                SAGE

·                God’s Gift

Due to the high alcohol content of whiskey and peach schnapps, take extra care when pairing the two. Most people state that smokers and tokers should take in no more than a standard cocktail per hour.

On the other hand, everyone’s limits vary. Like everyone has their favorite whiskey mixers for cocktails, everyone has a personal tolerance level. So, start small and don’t overdo it!

Green Tea Shot Recipe – How to Make the Perfect Green Tea Shots

Using just four common bar ingredients, this green tea shot recipe is among the easiest cocktails to make at home.

With 4.1 million nine-liter cases of Jameson sold in 2021, you’re in good company if you want to put this drink together. Jameson is easy enough to come by, and with such a vast range of whiskeys, you can quickly alter the subtle flavor profile of this shooter.

So, here’s everything you need to know about putting this green tea shot recipe together.

·                Prep Time – Three minutes

·                Cook Time – 0 minutes

·                Total Time – Three minutes

·                Serves – Two people

·                Calories – 78 kcal


·                One ounce of Jameson Irish whiskey.

·                One ounce of peach schnapps.

·                One ounce of sour mix.

·                Splash of lemon-lime soda.

·                Lime wedges.

·                Ice.


1.             Add Irish whiskey, peach schnapps, and sour mix to a cocktail shaker filled with ice.

2.             Shake well until chilled.

3.             Strain into two shot glasses.

4.             Top up with lemon-lime soda.

5.             Add some optional garnish in the form of a lime wedge.


·                The ABV level of a green tea shot ranges from 40-70%, depending on the whiskey and peach schnapps.

·                Use a mix with extra lime juice to create a greener shot.

·                You can easily make your own sour mix at home if you want more control over the flavor.

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