Ultimate Cannabis Rolling Tray Guide

A rolling tray is an affordable and practical must-have for any cannabis enthusiast. Rolling a joint or a blunt without the right accessories is difficult, especially if you’ve never done it before.

A rolling tray makes your joint rolling experience a lot more enjoyable. You can relax and get high knowing you won’t be wasting any precious bud, and it’ll be easily accessible for your next toke sesh. Smokers have been rolling joints for centuries, turning toking into an art form. In the 1970s, teak wood and stainless-steel rolling trays became mainstream.

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How to Use a Rolling Tray

Rolling a joint on any available surface poses several problems. It’s messy, you lose a lot of weed, and you clutter up your home unnecessarily. Your joint ends up being uneven and lumpy. Rolling trays provide a clean, flat surface to prep your weed. Here’s how to use a tray to roll a killer joint:


Rolling a Joint

  1. Grind your weed first for a smoother smoke.
  2. Place your rolling paper lengthwise on your tray with the paper crease in the middle of the tray. Make sure the adhesive side of the paper is facing up on the side farthest from you.
  3. If you’re using a filter, place the filter tip in the paper crease, lining up the filter edge and the tip of the paper. Hold this in place with your thumb.
  4. Sprinkle your ground herb into the crease until you fill up about half of the width of the paper. Your rolling tray will keep your weed centered in the middle. Leave a little room at the non-filter end of the rolling paper.
  5. Gently pick up the filter end while pinching the rolling paper between your fingers — tuck the non-adhesive side in first.
  6. Carefully roll the paper back and forth over the filter using your index and forefinger to get a secure fit. Lick the adhesive side and press down into place.
  7. Keep pinching and folding the paper over itself, using the rolling tray as necessary.
  8. You can finish by using a bobby pin or tamping tool to compact loose weed through the open end.
  9. Twist the rolling paper to close it up and admire your work.
  10. Light it up and enjoy!

You can use a lint-free cloth to wipe down the tray when you’re finished.

Rolling Trays Make Everything Easier

Rolling trays are the perfect tool for making well-rolled joints, blunts, spliffs, or cigarettes. Plus, a weed tray helps you make a filter and even aids in your decarboxylation process.

The primary advantage of using a weed tray is convenience. These accessories are specifically designed to prevent spillage, preventing crumbs from falling everywhere, causing a mess, and costing you money. Curved sides and a flat surface make it incredibly easy to move weed and paper while rolling and grinding your bud without spilling herb all over the place.

Walnut Wooden Rolling Tray

The Best Rolling Trays Are the Simplest

If you’ve ever shopped for a rolling tray, you’ve probably stumbled onto weed trays with all kinds of bells and whistles. All you need in a rolling tray is a flat, comfortable, easy-to-clean product.

Banish Crumbs and Ash with a Rolling Tray

You can reduce the time spent cleaning your table’s surface and floor with a rolling tray, as you don’t spill weed everywhere. The rolling tray has plenty of room for rolling a blunt without spilling ash or crumbs everywhere.

Herb debris makes a mess on the rolling surface when you smoke regularly. Without a dedicated weed tray, you won’t be able to roll a clean joint, and you’ll probably have to spend the majority of your time cleaning up the mess.

Size Matters

Rolling trays come in a variety of sizes. Some people prefer a small rolling tray because they travel well. However, smaller weed trays don’t give you enough space to roll a joint, especially if you roll several at once.

Consider how much space you need for rolling before purchasing a rolling tray. When you don’t need the goods, you can keep everything safe in one designated area when not in use. On the other hand, if you’d rather roll on the go, a smaller rolling tray that fits any flat surface would be more suitable.

Keep a Tidy Home

Be a tidy toker by organizing your smoking space with a tray. Any debris that falls when you’re rolling lands on the tray rather than on your table or floor.

You can grind, mix, sort, and even roll without worrying about making a mess. Store your stash, grinder, some extra rolling papers, and your lighter in the tray, and you’ll always find your pot and accessories in the same spot to keep your home clean and orderly.

Easy Clean-Up

Our high-quality wooden rolling trays are handcrafted from the finest Canadian walnut, giving smokers a smooth top finish. A smooth finish prevents ground weed or kief from sticking to any nicks, ridges, or grooves. That makes it super easy to clean and collect any weed debris to avoid waste.

Just Say No To Inferior Material

Puff, puff, pass on metal or plastic rolling trays. Opting for a plastic or metal tray leads to disappointment. Wooden rolling trays are of higher quality, made of food-grade material, and meant for daily use. Large companies typically brand and sell cheaper trays after being produced in China.

Locally sourced walnut is an infinitely better option when you’re seeking an exceptional rolling tray. Premium wooden trays are incredibly durable, made of food-grade material meant for daily use. Don’t replace a cheap rolling tray once a year when you can purchase a high-end wooden rolling tray once in your life. It doesn’t hurt that they’re gorgeous to boot.

Multipurpose Marijuana Accessory

Rolling is an art form that deserves the support of an experienced partner. Rolling trays are ideal for creating well-rolled joints, blunts, spliffs, or cigarettes. You can also use our rolling trays to create filters and to decarboxylate.

A Weed Tray Protects Your Precious Stash

There’s a science to toking up, from learning about necessary tools like grinders to becoming cannabis cocktail connoisseurs. A good quality rolling tray is an essential addition for newbies and pros.

A weed rolling tray is like getting car insurance. It’s the best way to store and protect your stash and smoking accessories. Once you understand why you need a rolling tray in your life, ensure that you choose a rolling tray that makes it easy for you to roll the perfect J.

Wooden Rolling Trays Are a Toker’s BFF

Good weed isn’t cheap, and your time is precious. Whether you’ve just started smoking or have been toking for some time, using a rolling tray to prepare joints and blunts is the ultimate advantage for a stoner. Snag a wooden tray today to protect your valuable stash and enjoy the fine art of joint rolling every time you smoke.

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