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Cambus Distillery
Cambus Distillery
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Cambus Distilery was located in the city of Stirling, which is at the crossroads of Scotland — midway between Glasgow and Edinburgh, where the Lowlands meet the Highlands. Sometimes this region is referred to as “The Midlands,” but “Midlands” is not an official regional designation for Scotch.
John Mowbray founded Cambus in 1836. In 1877, Robert Moubray purchased the distillery and joined it with five other Lowland grain distilleries to form Distillers Company Limited. The facility was largely damaged by a fire in 1913, and had to be rebuilt. It did not open again until 1938.
Largley thought to have been on of the finest examples of single grain Whisky in Scotland, such products fell out of favor, and the distillery closed for good in 1993.
During its lifetime, most of its production went into various Whisky blends, but a small percentage was held back for single grain production, which is still highly sought after by collectors.

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