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Bow Street Distillery
Bow Street Distillery , Smithfield Village , Dublin 7
(531) 807-2348

Bow Street Distillery Description

The Bow Street Distillery in Dublin, Ireland, has been producing whiskey since 1780 and has been in the same location ever since – an unusual occurrence, as most distilleries have moved at least once or twice over the course of their history due to the need to find more space or build new facilities. The Bow Street Distillery continues to produce some of the best Irish whiskey in the world today, with prices ranging from 100€ to 1000€ per bottle depending on age and other factors.

The Bow St. distillery is located just off Smithfield Square in Dublin, and has been operating since 1782. The building was originally home to a much larger distillery that employed 300 workers before it was shut down during prohibition (it operated illegally for a few years following), but reopened again as The Irish Whiskey Centre at which time its new owners also restored and converted an old chapel into a whiskey-tasting area.

Tips for first time visitors
If you’re a whiskey tourist and not familiar with Irish whiskeys, don’t worry. The tour at Bow Street is designed to be very inclusive. If you have any question about your trip to Dublin or if you just want to learn more about whiskey making in general, take time to speak with our staff. We’re all more than happy to answer any questions you might have!

Bow Street Distillery Hours

Disclaimer: Hours May Vary Due to Business and COVID-19


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