Cambridge Distillery

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Cambridge Distillery
Cambridge Distillery 20 High St , Grantchester , Cambridge CB3 9NF
(223) 751-146

Cambridge Distillery Description

The Cambridge Distillery is run by husband and wife team William and Lucy Lowe. William, a former teacher for the Wine and Spirits Education Trust, and Lucy, who worked at the Cambridge Business School were walking their dogs when they decided to start their own distillery.
They set it up right there in their front room. Knowing that a large still would take up space, a large investment, and time to build, instead they created their own from lab equipment. Months of paperwork ensued, but today, the Cambridge Distillery – which produces only Gin – makes all of its Spirits in batches of no more than 50 liters.
The small-scale operation is perfect for their set up; producing a signature Gin, a Japanese Gin (you can guess where the botanicals are from), as well as a seasonal Gin made four times a year based on locally available botanicals mixed with juniper from Macedonia.
But more than just its regular bottlings, the Cambridge Distillery also offers a unique service for one-on-one Gin tailorings, whereby Lowe works with a client or individual to work on a recipe together, which he’ll then produce, just for them.

Cambridge Distillery Hours

Disclaimer: Hours May Vary Due to Business and COVID-19


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