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In 2012, Allison Parc, a former Prima Ballerina, launched Brenne Whisky in New York, in collaboration with a third-generation French master distiller in Cognac.
The Master Distiller was trained in the traditional art of Cognac distillation, but harbored a secret love for Whisky. He has been making Brenne Single Malt Whisky since 2002.
Harvesting 100% organic barley grown at his farm in Cognac — Brenne is the only organic French Single Malt Whisky currently in production. Brenne is a 100% organic uniquely seed-to-Spirit Whisky.
The Whisky itself is crafted at a third-generation farm distillery situated in Cognac, France, which has been producing eau de vie since the 1920s.
The whisky is twice-distilled from two types of local indigenous heirloom barley grown on the estate in an alembic Charente still, creating a floral, fruit-forward new-make spirit.
The Spirit is then rested in signature barrels, new French Limousin oak and Cognac casks, before being proofed with water from the Charente River. The resultant liquid is the first single malt in the world to be aged exclusively in these two barrels.
This French terroir whisky, is a profile rich in fruit-forward, floral, and creamy notes that is exceptionally smooth, set apart from every other Whisky.

Brenne Distillery Hours

Disclaimer: Hours May Vary Due to Business and COVID-19


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