Ardnamurchan Distillery

Ardnamurchan Distillery Information

Ardnamurchan Distillery
Ardnamurchan Distillery , Glenbeg, Highland , PH364JG
(197) 250-0285

Ardnamurchan Distillery Description

The location of this distillery has a complex and confusing history. The current iteration of Ardnamurchan Distillery is located on the western coast of Scotland, facing the Atlantic — west of Fort William and north of Oban.

The story of Ardnamurchan Distillery jumps around a bit, so stay with us on this. First, the Ardnamurchan of today is not the Ardnamurchan of the past. This confuses a lot of other folks who write about it.

You see, the first iteration of Ardnamurchan Distillery was founded back in 1826, by Charles and David Gray, on the shores of the River Clyde in Glasgow — a Lowlander. That distillery went through its ups and downs before eventually being demolished in 1968. The Glasgow Central Mosque now stands on the site.

Fast-forward to 1993, when some descendants of the orignators decide to become independent bottlers under the Adelphi name. They got the idea to build a “new” Ardnamurchan Distillery in 2007, but this time in the far western Highlands.

Their first home-grown single malt spirits dripped off the cooling coils in 2014. Very litttle is known about the production quality, techniques, and capacity of Ardnamurchan Distillery just yet. But as they establish themselves, we are certain we will begin to learn quite a bit more. They make amazing spirits. Make sure to visit.

Ardnamurchan Distillery Hours

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