Top 10 Labor Day Cocktails

It’s the last long weekend of summer, and you know what that means. It’s time for some Labor Day cocktails.

But what are the most popular craft cocktails to say goodbye to summer with? In this guide, we will present ten Labor Day cocktail options you can make at home.

10 Labor Day Cocktails to Say Goodbye to Summer With

As far as Labor Day drinks go, this is the time to break out something special because it’s a straight shoot until Thanksgiving from here.

With one of the booziest holidays of the year on the horizon, here are a selection of Labor Day cocktails to try in 2023.

1.             Margarita

Margaritas are not just a favorite Labor Day cocktail but also a much-loved drink any day of the year. In fact, the margarita is America’s most-ordered drink by a country mile, which means it deserves a place on this list.

All you need are the basics of Triple Sec, lime juice, and tequila to rustle up your flavor at home. Furthermore, you can go in various directions, including sweet, spicy, salty, and sour.

Consider checking out our spicy margarita recipe for a twist on this greatest of Labor Day drinks.

2.            Strawberry Daiquiri

No Labor Day cocktail would be complete without harkening back to blissful days on the beach. The strawberry daiquiri has always been a bartender’s favorite for its elaborate red color and ideal mix of fruit and alcohol.

If you want to check out Labor Day drinks like these, you can substitute the strawberry for other similar fruits. Whatever path you choose, this is a delight straight from the Caribbean.

3.            Manhattan

The Manhattan is the quintessential drink of the gleaming skyscrapers and local characters of New York City. It’s not only one of the top Labor Day cocktails but also one of the most popular cocktails for whisky lovers.

This concoction straight from glitzy Manhattan offers a balanced taste to avoid overwhelming less regular drinkers through its easy-to-drink appeal.

Like other cocktails you can make at home, the Manhattan can be made with whisky, bourbon, or rye.

4.            Negroni

If you’re searching for a Labor Day cocktail that’s simple and guaranteed to get you tipsy, look no further than the Negroni.

Containing three types of alcohol (Campari, gin, and vermouth), a good Negroni always comes with citrus, cherry, wine, and bitter notes.

It’s a party in your mouth like no other, making it among the most popular Labor Day drinks.

5.            Espresso Martini

It turns out that the story of the espresso martini originates from a London bartender’s interaction with a supermodel, supposedly. Regardless of whether you believe the story, the espresso martini is the ideal pick-me-up before the day ahead.

Do remember that this Labor Day cocktail contains caffeine. If your guests aren’t regular coffee drinkers, a strong one of these is liable to get them wired.

But ask, “What is the best daytime cocktail?” and the espresso martini will be toward the top of the list.

6.            Aperol Spritz

The Aperol spritz is the trendiest cocktail in the world right now.

Born in the working-class bars of the Veneto region of Italy, this dazzling orange cocktail is one of the Labor Day cocktails you should add to your repertoire in 2023.

This simple cocktail hides its humble roots well, featuring Prosecco, Aperol, and a splash of soda water with ice.

Plus, since it’s traditionally drunk in the late afternoon before dinner, the hazy orange makes you feel like summer is burning into autumn.

7.            Gin and Tonic

Everyone loves a gin and tonic. The drink has transcended generations and is considered trendy for everyone, from college students to senior citizens.

What’s more, this is a fantastic go-to if you’re not in the mood for complex Labor Day drinks. After all, the ingredients you require are in the name. Any garnishes you want to add later are entirely your choice. But a simple, high-quality gin with artisanal tonic water will surely make your guests happy.

Oh, and it’s a gin and tonic, not a gin and club soda, so for the best results, stick to the traditional Labor Day cocktail here.

8.            Hurricane

The hurricane is a cocktail that will knock you on your keister if you don’t keep an eye on yourself.

With a foundation of white and dark rum, add some grenadine and citrus for a strong Labor Day cocktail that will get you hitting the panic button.

9.             Long Island Iced Tea

Always one of the most potent Labor Day cocktails on any bar’s menu, the Long Island iced tea has overwhelmed unsuspecting drinkers for years.

It comes with an incredible four types of alcohol: gin, tequila, rum, and Triple Sec. Add a splash of cola to provide a little color, and you should see the amber hues of an iced tea staring back at you.

Note that if a Long Island is at the top of the Labor Day drinks menu, beware of the power of home measures!

10.  Bloody Maria

The Bloody Maria isn’t a typo. It’s a twist on the Bloody Mary cocktail with which every college student is intimately acquainted.

As an aesthetic cocktail, the blazing red of a Bloody Mary is a favorite at any Labor Day table. The difference with Bloody Maria is that you replace the vodka with tequila for a Latin American twist.

Apart from that, stick to your usual recipe, and don’t be afraid to get a little wild with the garnish.


Labor Day is a time for family, friends, and vague acquaintances to get together and have a great time celebrating the end of yet another long, hot summer. Whether making cocktails at home or heading downtown, there’s nothing more fun than experimenting at the minibar.

The above ten cocktails are ever-popular options, but there’s no reason why you can’t unleash the inner mixologist within you by adding your own twists.

For more delicious cocktail recipes, browse Flavor Fix today.

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