10 Best Fall Cocktails To Try Out

Nothing warms you up on a chilly autumn day quite like a perfectly mixed cocktail. If you’re the kind to enjoy whipping up fancy drinks at home, you’ve got a lot of options that use the best flavors of the season. These 10 top fall cocktails cover all the fall classics like tart apples, spicy cinnamon and cloves, sweet pomegranates, and even a little pumpkin. Prepare a cocktail menu for your Halloween or Thanksgiving party with a few new hits your guests likely haven’t sampled yet.

Flavor Fix’s Selection Of The 10 Best Fall Cocktails

1. Big Apple Manhattan

There are few fall cocktails more classic than the Manhattan. Put a fall twist on it with plenty of fresh apple flavor. Apple brandy is the key to the fruit flavor that makes it a seasonal treat. Make sure to use a high-quality brandy distilled from real apples rather than just a flavored product. Try garnishing it with a fresh, crisp slice of your favorite apple variety.

2. Ginger Cranberry Whiskey Sour

Pink and perky, this whiskey cocktail is far less intimidating than many classic sour mix cocktails. The spicy and fruity flavor is all fall all the way. You’ll need to make your own ginger simple syrup if you can’t find it. It’s as easy as simmering water, sugar, and fresh ginger together in a pan until the mixture is thick.

3. Chai Hot Toddy

Bring the hot toddy into today with a mild CBD dosage and plenty of spice from Chai. One of the most popular teas in India, Chai is actually a direct translation of the word tea. Brew up your favorite black tea rich with cinnamon, cardamom, and the rest before mixing in spiced bourbon or rum to spike it.

4. Cynar Flip

Drinks thickened with whipped egg remain popular today. The Cynar Flip is perhaps the most fall-themed among them. Impress your friends this fall with the combination of clove and orange flavors with an herbal note at the end. Make sure you have your favorite bitters on hand since this type of bracing alcohol cuts through the sweet side of this mixture.

5. Pumpkin Spice Kentucky Mule

Go straight to the country for a variation on the Mule that uses classic American spirits like bourbon to keep you warm. Pumpkin butter adds real autumnal flavor and color without requiring you to do a lot of extra work. It’s perfect for unwinding, along with your favorite indica strain.

6. Maple Old-Fashioned

Maple syrup is harvested in the early spring. Yet, it’s often associated with fall for its warm and cozy flavor. Offset that sweetness with a fine selection of bitters, and you have an Old-Fashioned you’ll want to enjoy all year round. Pair it with a similarly sweet weed strain like Gelonade.

7. Apple Cider Harvest Punch

Celebrate the harvest even if you don’t live near any orchards with this party-ready punch. It’s just as tasty mixed up without the alcohol if you want two versions so everyone can join in. Try mixing in one of the many drink-soluble CBD products to make this punch even more relaxing.

8. Spiked Hot Cocoa

This fall cocktail starts with your preferred hot cocoa mix, just like with many edible recipes that involve chocolate. Then, you have plenty of options for the spiked part of the equation. Spiced rum is a common choice. You can also get creative with something like marshmallow-flavored vodka for a twist that you’ll repeat again and again.

9. Pomegranate-Rum Punch

For a tart take on the season’s best flavors, you need pomegranate juice and plenty of good lemonade. Choose a white, silver, or aged rum for this punch, depending on the flavor profile you prefer. Almost any decent alcohol will work since the punch’s other flavors help mask a lower-cost choice. Don’t skip the fresh fruit since it brings out the best of the rum.

10. Fireside

The Fireside cocktail has been a fall favorite for years. As the name suggests, it’s an ideal choice for sipping while poking the coals of a crackling blaze. Maple syrup adds a hint of autumn sweetness to balance out the tart grapefruit juice. It’s a good choice for pairing with a cannabis strain that’s both sweet and sour.

With 10 great seasonal fall cocktails to choose from, you’ll run out of crisp fall nights before you lose inspiration. Give these drinks a try and make your autumn celebrations ones to remember.

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