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CBD subscriptions are growing more popular by the day. No wonder — CBD performs all kinds of wonderful wizardry on our bodies and minds, so it makes sense that it would eventually fall under the sweeping ambit of the subscription industry.

Below, we look at CBD subscriptions, the benefits of subscribing to a CBD site, and how to choose the best one.

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What Are CBD Subscriptions?

If you use CBD regularly, CBD subscriptions provide the ability to receive high-quality product regularly. This means you can have either a single CBD product or multiple variations shipped straight to your door.

If you’re getting a CBD box, you can customize the boxes by choosing different CBD types to include each month. Some merchants even throw in gifts and surprises to reward loyal customers.

Customers who tend to benefit most from CBD subscriptions are:

  • Regular CBD users
  • Homes where multiple CBD users reside
  • Folks with less free time
  • Bargain hunters
  • People who know exactly what they want
  • People who like to sample new products

Benefits of Subscribing to a CBD Site

CBD subscriptions deliver lots of value to customers:

1. It’s Convenient

Every item on our to-do list occupies some degree of mental bandwidth, which is mental bandwidth we can’t allocate to other things. Remembering to buy more CBD is just such an item.

By subscribing to a CBD site, you remove the need to think about getting more CBD. You forego the need to make one-off purchases from different suppliers or add something else to your shopping list. The CBD arrives at your door on time, every time, with no interruption to your routine.

2. You Get to Choose Only High-Quality Products

It’s no secret that the yet-unregulated CBD industry is rife with “poseurs,” shall we say, and that many of these companies create products that range from ineffective to just plain unsafe. One of the benefits of subscribing to a CBD site is that you get to bypass that risk altogether, provided you choose a high-quality manufacturer.

Make sure you do a proper amount of research before you order your subscription. All CBD products should be made in America, and third-party lab tested.

3. It’s Customizable

If you’re going for full efficacy, you’ll want to select full-spectrum CBD products. With a CBD subscription service, you can get it in every form, from gummies to tinctures to pet products and beyond. You can also customize your dosage.

By ordering different products in your CBD subscription, you allow yourself the opportunity to try new forms and even give some away as gifts.

4. You Get Great Value

Vendors reward loyalty, so month-to-month subscriptions are likely significantly discounted compared with à la carte purchases. CBD subscriptions usually also include different tiers to let you choose dosage, supplement types, and quantity.

5. It’s Great for Long-Term Health

If you want to incorporate CBD into your health and wellness routine, a subscription is a great place to start. According to the World Health Organization, CBD is not habit-forming when used long-term, making it safe for regular use.

Your body will also respond better to cannabinoids when used regularly. CBD gets stored in the body’s fat cells and may be released when fat gets burned, making it great for athletes and non-athletic users.

How to Choose Between CBD Subscriptions

The only problem with CBD subscriptions is that there are so many to choose from. Here’s how to narrow it down:

1. Choose What Type of CBD You’d Prefer

Are you using CBD for sleep, energy, epilepsy, or other indication? Different formulas work better for different purposes — for instance, CBD for sleep usually includes higher amounts of CBN as well. You may also be searching for CBD for your pet.

2. Use Customer Reviews

If a company has lots of positive reviews from customers that look legitimate — a.k.a. not generated by promotion bots — that’s a great sign. Make sure to choose a producer that excels in product quality and customer service.

3. Read the Terms

Read the fine print to ensure the terms of service aren’t predatory.

4. Choose Only Third-Party Verified CBD Subscriptions

External quality is essential to weed out subpar CBD products, which can be bad for your health and ineffective.

5. Look for Flexibility

Choose a company that lets you do things like skip a month, change your delivery date, and add/remove certain products.

Enjoy Your CBD Subscription

Take the guesswork out of CBD products with ongoing delivery. Just make sure you’re choosing the right company and getting the right products — the rest should be smooth sailing.

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