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Step into the world of Zen Leaf and discover a unique cannabis experience! From its beginning in 2016, this Las Vegas-based dispensary was founded on values prioritizing meeting patron needs with reliability, accessibility, and authenticity. Oh, and comfort.

Enjoy modern design featuring clean lines, soft textures, and calming ambiance to give you those Zen vibes while shopping for your favorite products. Its attentive staff is always there to guide you every step of the way. Check out why so many trust Zen Leaf as their go-to dispensary time after time.

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Our Zen Leaf Review

"Great place and customer service is top tier"

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      Our Zen Leaf Review


      Their dispensaries offer the perfect balance of quality and values. Customers love them for their consistent, top-notch products and delightful experiences. We wholeheartedly recommend giving Zen Leaf a try.

      About Zen Leaf

      The brand has come a long way since it started in Las Vegas and now serves 12 states and counting:

      • Arizona
      • Arkansas
      • Connecticut
      • Illinois
      • Maryland
      • Massachusetts
      • Michigan
      • Nevada
      • New Jersey
      • Ohio
      • Pennsylvania
      • West Virginia

      According to their About page, as their network keeps growing, they continue to improve each community they belongs to. It strives to be knowledgeable, accessible, and compassionate. Integrity is at the core of everything the company does.

      Its philosophy is recognizing that customers are unique individuals with specific cannabis needs. Zen Leaf’s knowledgeable Wellness Advisors ask questions and listen attentively to deliver thoughtful recommendations tailored to each client.

      Zen Leaf Products or Services

      Take your cannabis experience to the next level with Zen Leaf. 

      This premium lifestyle brand offers a variety of high-end flower, vape products, edibles, and even cannabis inhalers. Not only can you enjoy this top-notch bud — weekly specials include deals like $80 for a half ounce of gold tier product—but they also have an amazing lineup of clothing inspired by their weed offerings! 

      Get ready for fashionably fire gear like T’s, hoodies, Dap Caps, and more.

      Each location has different offerings, so make sure to check online to see what’s available for you. All their products are available in a variety of low-THC, high-THC, and THC/CBD formulations, so you can customize the effects best suited to your preference.

      Zen Leaf Logo

      Photo credit: Zen Leaf’s Website 

      Zen Leaf Online Reviews

      Their online reviews are mixed, with most low reviews specific to the customer’s location.

      For example: “Service is slow but they are always busy and likely understaffed. But the selection is decent and prices are what you’d expect.”

      One five-star reviewer has this to say: 

      “First visit was stellar! Finally, The Botanist has competition, which means a win for all! Competition keeps businesses from resting on their laurels and gives customers more options, it’s great all around for everyone. Zen Leaf is a great option for Locals of the Northeast Ohio area to get medicine.”

      Overall, word on the street is that it’s still worth trying, mainly because there are so many different locations with different vibes. So why not take advantage of some sweet deals and discounts at local Zen Leaf dispensaries? After all, variety is the spice (and herb) of life.

      Zen Leaf Video


      Q: What are their hours of operation?

      A: Because Zen Leaf has dispensaries in 12 states and multiple locations in each of those states, check the dispensary closest to you for hours of operation.

      Q: Does the brand offer any discounts or promotions?

      A: One of the most significant advantages of giving Zen Leaf your business is their excellent daily, weekly, and monthly deals. For example, this week, you’ll find:

      • $60 Bronze Tier Bulk Flower Half Ounce of LivWell- Moroccan Kush 29.1%
      • $70 Silver Tier Bulk Flower Half Ounce of Redbud Roots- Northern Lights 18.7%
      • $80 Gold Tier Bulk Flower Half Ounce of Diamond Cut- King Size Zkittlez 25.5%
      • $110 Bronze Tier Bulk Flower Full Ounce of LivWell- Moroccan Kush 29.1%
      • $130 Silver Tier Bulk Flower Full Ounce of Redbud Roots- Northern Lights 18.7%
      • $150 Gold Tier Bulk Flower Full Ounce of Diamond Cut- King Size Zkittlez 25.5%

      Another popular feature is their bundle discounts, like:

      • 6 for $65 200mg PC Pure Gummies
      • 7 for $90 Redbud Roots 1g Carts

      These are just a few deals I found at a Zen Leaf dispensary in Arizona. Your closest dispensary likely has different deals, so check out their website before making any decisions.

      Q: Who owns Zen Leaf?

      A: Zen Leaf is owned by Illinois-based operator Verano Holdings. In just three years, CEO George Archos has turned the Chicago company into a multistate marijuana empire boasting 12 states of operations and 54 stores.

      Partnering with Ross Morreale in 2015 paid off for Archos. They became one of the first firms legally licensed to cultivate weed in Illinois. These days, Verano is known as one of the three largest multistate operators, an impressive feat that’s made its founder hundreds if not millions thanks to stock worth.

      Q: How can I contact Zen Leaf if I have questions or concerns?

      A: Zen Leaf has a contact page here. Also, check your local dispensary listings for contact information.

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