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Dimo Hemp is a brand offering exceptionally high quality products.This cosmically sublime brand is creating a big buzz in the new Delta sphere with heavenly cannabis strains and fantastic flavors not yet established within the cannabis community.

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About Dimo Hemp

Dimo has cultivated an outstanding selection of products made from Delta-8, Delta-9, and Delta-10, offering everything from sour gummy worms to exotic pre-rolls, cartridges, distillates, and disposables.

Did you know?

Edible and smoking highs are different because you feel the effects of different compounds. This can be the difference between a full body high or just a mental ride.

Founded in Southern California, Dimo Hemp is a premier provider of cannabis Delta products throughout the country. They elevate your holistic wellness and allow you to harness that mental lift so you can ride high with guaranteed quality.

Each product is lab tested, approved by a third-party source, and created in GMP-certified facilities, so you know you’re getting the real deal and that the product matches the label.

What is GMP?

GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practice, is a set of guidelines providing manufacturers with systems that guarantee appropriate monitoring and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. These processes ensure products’ identity, strength, quality, purity, and composition by requiring adequately controlled manufacturing environments.

Dimo Hemp Product or Services

You’ve probably heard about CBD. It’s made headlines nationwide and has shown up everywhere, from gas stations to grocery store shelves. Dimo Hemp offers a step above that’s still perfectly legal in most states.

For some, CBD lacks that warm fuzzy feeling that you get from THC, which defeats the point for many. That’s why Dimo has made it their mission to make Delta products accessible to anyone of age that is interested in an alternative. You get all the perks without the “buts” so long as your state doesn’t have shipping restrictions.

Whether you’re looking for a gentle high to alleviate anxiety or want to blast off from your couch, Dimo Hemp can help you find the perfect product. Here’s some of what they offer:

Delta-8 THC

Tetrahydrocannabinol Deltas cover a wide range of cannabis compounds found in Sativa strains. Delta-8 is one of those compounds, though it’s found in very small amounts compared to compounds like Delta-9.

Delta-8 comes from hemp plants containing only trace amounts of THC that are then concentrated into an optimal dose. It offers a gentle psychoactive high that can reduce anxiety, alleviate nausea, and help you discover all the sleep you’ve been missing while leaving you clear-headed enough to function without paranoia. The reviews for Dimo’s Delta-8 products are stellar, and we agree with them.

Dimo Hemp offers Delta-8 pre-rolls, gummies, carts, disposables, and distillates. If you can’t decide on a flavor, no worries! They have sample packs at great price points.

Delta-9 THC

Unlike Delta-8, which is relatively new to the market, you’re probably very familiar with Delta-9 THC if you’ve dabbled in marijuana consumption, even if you’ve never heard the term. It’s the main psychoactive component in cannabis, responsible for the munchies, euphoria, and overall chill feelings associated with cannabis use. As of May 2022, Delta-9 is only allowed in states where cannabis is legal.

Dimo Hemp offers a great selection of Delta-9 infused gummies with seven flavors to choose from, all of which have rave reviews.

Heads up!

Dimo Hemp also offers military discounts. The House of Representatives has recently approved cannabis legislation, including nine amendments protecting veterans’ rights to use medical marijuana.

Delta-10 THC

If you’re looking for something like a cross between CBD and Delta-8, Delta-10 is the answer. Whereas Delta-8 gives you that relaxed feeling, Delta-10 puts a slight pep in your step. It doesn’t come naturally in usable amounts but can be derived synthetically from Delta-9 or CBD and then converted into a concentrated form.

Many users report that it lacks the high of Delta-8 and Delta-9 but still greatly enhances mood. Since it’s a true newbie in the hemp hemisphere, there’s still a lot that’s unknown about the effects for each user, and everyone experiences something different. Like Delta-8, Delta-10 THC is legal in many states.

Dimo Hemp Delta-10 cartridges and disposables are available in five flavors.

Interested in Blasting Off with Dimo Hemp?

If you’re interested in trying Dimo Hemp products, head to their website. They also offer weekly giveaways as part of their Lifted Series! Have questions or concerns? Shoot them an email or check out their FAQ.

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