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Looking for an authentic taste of Korean culture? Skip the Korean BBQ (just kidding — never say no to Korean BBQ!) and grab a bottle of premium soju.

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Ingredients Needed for Making Soju

Premium soju is a high-quality, distilled liquor that is wildly popular in Korea, other Asian countries, and even other parts of the world. 

This liquor is made from rice, wheat, or barley, all subjected to a robust filtering process that removes impurities and produces a smoother taste. The alcohol content of premium soju can range from 20% to 45%, depending on the brand and production process.

How is the Soju Drink Consumed?

Though it’s typically consumed neat, premium soju can also be mixed with other beverages to create a splendid array of cocktails. Fruitiness is not to be feared when it comes to soju — some of the most premium soju brands are known for their honey, citrus, or green grape flavors.

Due to its smooth taste and versatility, premium soju has become a popular drink among both Koreans and liquor lovers the world over. Below we’ll look at how it’s made, where you can find it, the best brands, and the top weed strains to pair it with.

How Is Premium Soju Made?

There’s a lot of variety in how premium soju can be made. Distillers may choose rice, wheat, or barley as the base. 

The process begins with the grains being washed and soaked in water to remove impurities, then steamed to create a mash. The makers add yeast to the mash to get the fermentation process started, which can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

Once the fermentation process has progressed to everyone’s satisfaction, the mixture is distilled to increase the alcohol content. Premium soju often undergoes multiple distillations to create a smoother, more refined taste.

After distillation, premium soju may even undergo a filtration process to remove any remaining impurities and improve the flavor. It is at this point that the bolder soju brands will add things like sweeteners and natural flavors to their products to create unique flavor profiles.

Once the production process is complete, it’s time to bottle and sell the premium soju to eager customers.

Where Is Premium Soju Usually Sold?

Although Korea and east Asia remain the best places to score some premium soju, due to its increasing popularity, you can now find it in specialty liquor stores and with online retailers around the world.

In the states, check out Korean restaurants and bars — they may have premium soju on their drink menus. In recent years, a growing demand for premium soju in the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world has led to an increase in availability and distribution.

What Are the Top 5 Premium Soju Brands?

If you’re looking for the best premium soju brands, try these out:


Jinro is the leading soju brand in Korea and is also the most popular brand globally. It has a smooth, refreshing taste with an alcohol content between 17% and 25%.

Chum Churum

Chum Churum is another popular soju brand in Korea. Clean and crisp, its alcohol content hovers around 16.9%.


Hwayo is a premium soju brand that is aged for a longer period than other soju brands, resulting in a more complex flavor profile. It has a higher alcohol content of 41%.

Andong Soju

Andong Soju is a traditional soju brand that has been produced for centuries in Andong, Korea. It has a rich and deep flavor profile and an alcohol content of around 45%.

Bohae Brewery’s Bokbunja

Although not a traditional soju, Bokbunja is a premium fruit wine made from black raspberries. It has a sweet and tangy taste and is a popular choice for those who prefer sweeter alcoholic drinks.

Pairing Premium Soju with Strains

Here are three great strains that pair well with high-grade soju:

Dr. Who Strain

This pain- and stress-relieving strain is a hybrid of Mad Scientist and Timewreck strains, and it’s known for leaving you feeling blissfully fine with life as it is. Better yet, the Dr. Who strain is a delightful mix of woody, earthy citrus along with pungent herbs and sweet grape and pineapple.

Laughing Buddha Strain

Laughing Buddha is a strain that will put you in zen mode — a combination of a fabulous mood boost and an energizing zing. Winner of the bronze trophy at the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup, Laughing Buddha combines the flavors of sweet and spicy herbs, earthy pineapple, and citrus fruit.

Bio-Jesus Strain

Enjoy a holy mix of sativa and indica effects with Bio-Jesus, a strain believed to come from Bio-Diesel. This is some serious medicinal magic: Bio-Jesus can help you sleep, He can alleviate your cramps, and He can even turn wine into water. Enjoy a Holy Trinity of classic diesel fumes, hints of chemicals, and sweet earthiness.

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