Steve Urkel Actor Jaleel White Launches New Purple Urkel-Driven Cannabis Brand on 4/20

Yes, He Did Do That!

Steve Urkel, the one and only beloved character brought to us by actor Jaleel White from the former family sitcom “Family Matters”, has us geeking-out with his cannabis collaboration with 710 Labs, set to release on 4/20.

The line is known as “itsPurpl” an its claim to fame is said to be more than just its namesake, but pure purple top-shelf products, hand-rolled joints, and a vape that is claiming to be the “cleanest in the business”.  And with a distinctive logo with the face of Steve Urkel, fixed with the notorious glasses and classic hair with a purple haze twist, you would never overlook this newcomer.


Jaleel White Launches Cannabis Collection 4/20-And Purple Urkle Has a Fresh Face

The vape line in this collection are known as Pods, that have their own individual battery as well as .5 gram cartridge and although we have yet to try them, they are said to be the cleanest vapes on the market.  Specifically they have a high terpene fraction of live resin extract, with no distillate or alterations, medical-grade materials with no heavy metal leaching into the hash, along with huge flavor hits.

This line also has a 10-pack of Joints or Doinks available for purchase, known to be special as each individual joint contains bud that was broken up by hand as well as rolled by hand.  They don’t use cones or machines to fill the joints, they have a team that hand rolls each Doink personally, so never confuse this with a pre-roll.  Another fun fact is they use gluten-free fusilli pasta as the filter, and it is known to enhance the air flow experience.

Purple Urkle is a strain that has been around for a while descending from Granddaddy Purple, with its name originally based off the character Steve Urkel (without ever giving any credit to White), its included in this line in a different variation, known as Purple Urkle s1 #3. The other strain from the brand also plays off another original, specifically the alter ego to Urkel, Stefan Urquelle.  Known simply as Stefan, this strain was pheno hunted by White himself along with 710 labs and bred OG Raskal Genetics, crossed with Purple Urkel and The White, which is a lighter-hued strain.

Purple Urkle s1 #3 is considered the new standard of the long-standing prototype, packed with deep purple colors and sweet berry-like flavors blended with skunky hues.  While Stefan is a hybrid with earthy, rich piney aromas that burns with fruity, citrus flavors and is known to leave you euphoric and creative.

The flower is available in eighths as well as the Joints and we can’t wait to partake in some purple-hued nostalgia.  Other fun products are available on the website, like a waffle iron and apparel, but cannabis products are now available in major California retailers.

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