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We’re positive you already know quite a bit about shrooms, but did you know even magic mushrooms have specific strains like Blue Meanies? Blue Meanies, or Panaeolus cyanescens, are potent psilocybin mushrooms first cultivated in Asia. They’re sometimes called Hawaiian magic mushrooms because they grow abundantly on the island.

Psilocybin mushrooms come in over 180 different strains with unique effects and strengths. In this article, we’re deep diving into the Blue Meanies mushroom strain to understand how it grows, what it looks like, and how potent it is. We’re also giving you some tips for tripping safely and responsibly.

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Where You Can Find Blue Meanies

Blue Meanies grow all over the place in Hawaii because of the island’s perfect growing habitat for this mushroom. These shrooms love growing in poo, mostly cow manure, and you’ll find them growing wild in fields and pastures. In the U.S., Blue Meanies grow primarily in:

  • Hawaii
  • California
  • Louisiana
  • Alabama
  • Mississippi
  • Florida
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

Elsewhere around the world, you can find Blue Meanies growing in most tropical and subtropical regions, including Australia, Mexico, Central Europe, South America, New Zealand, Central Africa, and Southeast Asia. Almost everywhere!

Blue Meanies grow in dry or rainy weather, and you can find them growing alone or in groups. They grow in early spring through fall.

Growing Blue Meanies Yourself

Before researching how to grow magic mushrooms, check your local or state laws.

Should you try growing Blue Meanies if you’re legally allowed to grow mushrooms? Maybe. You can grow Blue Meanies yourself, but this strain is not for beginner growers. This mushroom strain is more difficult to grow than Cubes shrooms.

If you live in a suitable climate, you can attempt to grow Blue Meanies outside. If you prefer to grow them indoors, you need an appropriate setup and patience. These little wonders require extra care and attention. Mushroom experts recommend starting with Cubes mushrooms before trying your hand at Blue Meanies.

Blue Meanies take a long time to fruit. And, unfortunately, the longer it takes for a mushroom to fruit, the more likely contamination becomes. Therefore, maintaining cleanliness is crucial to the growth of these particular mushrooms.

Tripping Safely: What Is “Set and Setting”?

The concept of “set and setting” is probably familiar to you if you’re knowledgeable about psychedelics. This maxim contains great wisdom because it reminds psychonauts to make plans for a smooth journey.

We refer to the mindset you bring to your experience as your “set.” Setting a clear intention before you go on a shroom trip gives the experience focus and can prevent bad trips. We refer to the environment in which you decide to trip to as the “setting.” Make sure you locate a comfortable and supportive space where you can hold your experience.

Understanding the substance you are about to consume is right up there in terms of important things to know, other than setting your intention and finding a suitable space to have your psychedelic experience. That doesn’t just help you choose the right mushroom dosage; it can also help you gauge when you should begin to experience the effects.

No one wants a surprise trip that sneaks up on them.

What Is the Blue Meanies Strain?

Unlike the Flying Saucer mushroom strain, Blue Meanies weren’t found by a curious group of boy scouts. Instead, it’s rumored that the name Blue Meanies comes from the movie “Yellow Submarine” made by the O.G. boy band, the Beatles.

A Blue Meanies mushroom has a light brown cap that changes to grayish-white as it matures. The center of the cap always has a brownish-yellow color, and its stem is between 8 and 11 cm. Mushrooms with high psilocybin content turn blue when the flesh is bruised, hence the name Blue Meanies.

Taking Blue Meanies

Shroom experts (also known as mycologists) consider Blue Meanie mushrooms moderately potent. On average, these shrooms have 0.012% to 0.73% psilocybin content. The Cubes mushroom strain, by comparison, averages psilocybin between 0.14 to 0.42%.

Because of the high psilocybin content of these mushrooms, they keep their potency even after months of storage. Blue Meanies are good for microdosing because of their moderately high psilocybin content.

Because Blue Meanies mushrooms contain more psilocin than psilocybin, your trip may begin quickly without lemon tekking or shroom tea.

What Does a Blue Meanies Mushroom Trip Feel Like?

Blue Meanies produce a strong visual trip with intense euphoria and clear head space. Although everyone’s response to using marijuana or eating mushrooms varies, we know a few things that happen to most people during a mushroom trip.

Visually, things get very trippy. You might notice floors and walls looking warped. Colors become sharper and brighter. Everything you see, feel, or hear becomes more intense. You might feel an out-of-body experience and even lose track of time. And hey, there are worse ways to spend your time!

Getting high on shrooms sometimes helps people process emotions or experience something transcendental. Magic mushrooms are proven to help with depression, substance abuse, PTSD, and anxiety, even after one treatment.

Before Your Trip With Blue Meanies

Frequent use of Blue Meanies has left some with painful red rashes around the neck. Also, because of the high psilocybin content, a large dose can leave you with temporary paralysis, which causes panic in some users. Blue Meanies are not beginner mushrooms.

The last thing you want when using mushrooms is for them to start working their magic by surprise, causing anxiety in your body. On the other hand, much like edibles, make sure you give shrooms ample time to work so you don’t decide to take more and have an unpleasant trip. Be aware of your body, prepare your mushrooms carefully, and have fun on your trip!

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