Hookah – What is it and How to Use it

What is a Hookah really? Hookah, also known as the water pipe or the narghile, is an ancient device that’s been used to smoke tobacco for hundreds of years. Today, hookah has become increasingly popular throughout the United States and Europe; especially in college towns and cities with warm climates like New York City and Los Angeles where it’s smoked socially indoors and outdoors at restaurants, bars, and private parties. 

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Deconstructing a Hookah

A Hookah is a type of water pipe with a bowl, hose, and mouthpiece used for smoking tobacco or various fruits. The traditional hookah has been around for hundreds of years. From Roman times until now, Hookahs have been extremely popular in many areas throughout the world.

It wasn’t until recently that Hookahs really gained popularity in Western societies but now Hookahs are more common than ever. Due to their popularity, there have also been many new ways created for using them in order to make them a better experience that can produce an even better smoking experience overall compared to just using one as you would normally do.

Is Smoking Hookah Different Than Regular Smoking?

When you’re sharing a hookah with friends, you’ll notice they are not puffing away like a cigarette. They’re inhaling from their hose slowly, in a rhythmic pattern, until everyone takes several puffs in unison. Most smokers take one or two big hits, but will never draw on their hose again for another twenty minutes or so.

This pattern of smoking allows for many social interactions without nicotine overdose for anyone present—as long as your hookah has enough water! (Otherwise, pass.) This tutorial will teach you everything about hookahs such as:

  • tobacco products used during each specific time period
  • what you need to have a great experience with your friends; and more. 

Tips for Beginners

If you’re a hookah beginner or considering trying hookah for the first time, it’s always a good idea to find someone with some experience. It helps if they can give you tips on avoiding common pitfalls and help make sure that when you smoke for your first time, you enjoy everything about your session.

An experienced smoker will also be able to offer advice on whether certain flavors might pair well together; just like wine pairing or dessert pairings, certain tobacco blends are better suited to pair with each other than others. On top of all that, they can make sure you get everything set up correctly so you don’t have any issues or frustrations during your very first session.

Where to Buy a Hookah

Finding a hookah lounge or retailer can be as easy as asking around. Friends who smoke, local shops, and even bar-goers might have some leads for you. If they don’t know of anyone, ask them if they’d mind helping you find one.

When you’re looking for a place to purchase a hookah lounge or kit, start at your local tobacco shop; chances are, if there’s one in your area, they have them in stock.

History of Hookah

The water pipe, also known as shisha, narghile or goza (which means coconut shell), has been around for centuries. The exact origin of hookah smoking is a bit unclear. The first documentation of its existence comes from India, where traditional Muslims smoked tobacco mixed with fruit through a device called hubble-bubble.

This name derives from hubble, an Indian word meaning to inhale, and bubble, which refers to how bubbles were formed in the smoke as it passed through water before being inhaled. Over time, another method came into existence: smoke was filtered through a liquid that was placed at a higher level than the tobacco or shisha; thus giving birth to modern hookahs we know today.

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  1. Hey, this basic information about hookahs is great. Never heard of narghile or goza before, now I know a bit about them. Thanks to the guide.

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