Taking a Tolerance Break from THC & Weed

Taking a weed tolerance break is usually a great idea. Every now and then it’s good to evaluate your relationship with cannabis. Do you still get the same effects you used to or does it take much more to get that familiar buzz? When you keep upping your dose, or find that cannabis is affecting your productivity, it might be time for a break. Another reason to take a break is if you believe a drug test is on the horizon. Whatever you brought here, let’s take a look at the mechanics of a tolerance break, and how to press pause on pot use to meet your goals.

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What Is a Tolerance Break? 

A tolerance break, or t-break, is an intentional break from cannabis to reset your body’s response to THC. The science behind tolerance isn’t well understood, but it’s believed that detoxing from THC allows the endocannabinoid receptors to reset their connection to cannabinoids. 

When you consume regularly for a continuous period, your body becomes accustomed to a dosage, and the effects become less noticeable. Simply put, the more you smoke, the less high you get. While that sounds a bit nonsensical, it’s actually just your tolerance increasing. 

A similar parallel would be with alcohol. The first time you drink a beer, you might catch a buzz. After that, it might take a couple of beers to feel the same way. If you regularly drink a couple of beers, soon you’ll need a third or fourth to get the same effects. But if you stop drinking and abstain for a while, you will be able to ‘reset’ your tolerance and feel that same buzz you used to feel from less than you have been consuming.

The same thing happens with weed. Regular, continuous use will build up a tolerance to THC, but taking a tolerance break can give you that first-time feeling again. Feeling stronger effects from the less weed is one reason to take a t-break, but there are plenty of others, including preparing for a drug test. However, a t-break takes time, and if you are in a pinch before a drug test it’s best to consider a detox kit or detox drink.

Reasons Why People Take a T-Break

A tolerance break serves multiple purposes. You might find that many of these reasons apply as you evaluate your relationship with weed. Some of the biggest reasons people take a break from weed are listed below.

Save Money

If you’ve been spending too much money on weed, it might be time for a t-break. You’ll save money during your break, but you’ll also spend less if you decide to start back up again. Since your tolerance level will be back at the baseline, it won’t take as much weed to get you stoned. A win for your wallet!

Reset Your High

Think back to the very time you got stoned. Maybe you were a teenager, getting high at a party with friends, laughing the night away. Or perhaps it was as a medical patient finally finding relief from physical pain or trauma. Resetting your tolerance will provide much more enjoyment from less cannabis again. Periodically taking a break can help you get there. 

Mental & Physical Health

While cannabis offers plenty of health benefits, it can also cross the line into unhealthy territory. If you find that your relationship with cannabis begins to feel dependent or obsessive, it’s wise to break the habit for a while. Your mental health depends on being able to take breaks from time to time. Likewise, chronic smoking can affect physical health, especially for heavy smokers or dabbers who may develop a smoker’s cough. If your lungs begin to feel negatively affected, it’s time for a t-break. 

Detox Before a Drug Test

People often explore a tolerance break in preparation for a drug test. If you are looking for a new job and suspect you might have to take a drug test beforehand, a t-break is a good idea, so you have plenty of time to detox naturally. If this is the primary motivator, the tolerance break may take longer than the above reasons to thoroughly cleanse from THC.  


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How to Take a Tolerance Break

How long you decide to take a tolerance break depends on your reasons for doing it. If your goal is to rest and reset your body’s response to THC, first ask yourself how much you’ve been consuming. Taking dabs daily will build up much more THC tolerance than occasionally taking a hit or two off a joint. 

For the casual smoker, taking as little as two days off of weed can help reset your endocannabinoid receptors. Regular users would benefit from taking at least a week off to fully experience the tolerance reset. Remember that a tolerance break is total cessation and not just cutting back. 

If the goal is to detox from THC altogether, it can take up to 30 days for the regular user. That means zero cannabis use for a whole month. This would be considered a complete tolerance break and is the go-to choice for someone needing to pass a drug test.

Before you start, pick a timeline. Are you going to take two days off? A week, two weeks, or maybe as long as a month? Then, if you are comfortable doing so, tell your friends and family. They can offer support, or at least, not offer you a hit at the next social event. 

Pack up your stash, including pipes, lighters, weed, and other paraphernalia. Out of sight out of mind will help you focus on other things during your break. Sometimes people experience withdrawal symptoms because they are simply used to having cannabis as a daily part of their lives. Consider adding a new habit to your routine to replace weed for a while.

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Tolerance Break for a Drug Test

When you have a drug test coming up, it’s rare that you have the luxury of taking a tolerance break to fully detox. Instead, reach for a trusted detox product from the fine folks at PassYourTest. For over 20 years, PassYourTest has helped thousands of people detox before a drug test. 

They offer several products, including a fail safe kit designed to help you pass a drug test with short notice. For example, you’ve been offered your dream job – pending a clean urine test the next day. Fortunately, the fail safe kit works within 60 minutes and lasts up to 24 hours. Drink the shot a few hours before your drug test to ensure you pass. 

If your goal is to permanently cleanse your system of toxins, check out their line of permanent cleansers. These detox kits will flush your system safely and effectively. As long as you don’t consume any cannabis, your system will remain clean of THC. 

Curious if you’d pass a test right now? Check out an at-home drug test to monitor your toxicity so you know where to start. If you’re ready to invest in a detox kit or drink, take their quiz to help you decide which product can best help you reach your goals.

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