Marijuana Grow Kit for your home

With cannabis legalization on the rise Marijuana Grow Kits for the house are becoming more popular. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur or a newbie: the idea of home growing is pretty appealing.

Imagine perfecting your trademark strain to chase the perfect high or dialing in the right plant for medicinal purposes. If you fancy yourself up to the challenge, you’re in the right place.

The process of starting an indoor marijuana grow kit can be daunting. Not everyone has a green thumb, and it’s helpful to learn the basics before diving into the deep end. But whether you want to grow a single plant or eventually start your own farm, this is where you start.

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Marijuana Grow Kit

What Is it Like to Grow Marijuana?

In two words, cannabis growing can be both tedious and rewarding.

You need to ensure you have the right environment, including the right light, humidity, moisture, and growth medium. (Plus, it’s probably a wise idea to know whether it’s legal in your state.)

You also need patience, time, and equipment. That’s where this article comes in.

What Comes in a Marijuana Grow Kit?

A weed grower’s kit includes the essentials you need to get started on your budding journey. Here are some of the essentials you’ll need:

Grow Tent

If you’re planning on growing indoors, a grow tent is the first thing you’ll want to have. This tent gives you a contained space to maintain the proper lighting, humidity, and temperature for your cannabis plant to thrive.

Grow tents are lightweight, portable, and easy to fit into spaces like basements and closets. Since this is the foundation of your kit, you should carefully consider which one you get.

Start with size. If you’re growing in a large room, you may be able to fit several tents together, or you could opt for a single large tent for multiple plants. Conversely, if you’re in a small space, choose a tent that will fit the dimensions.

Next, look into the quality of the tent. High-quality materials include steel (for more structurally resilient frames) and reflective interiors (this helps reflect extra light from your grow bulbs back on the plants, maximizing your energy expenditure). A high-quality tent will do more than just stand up to heavy use — it can actually make your plants grow better.

Full-Spectrum Light

Unless you’ve got a bunch of windows or a greenhouse, your baby cannabis plant will need artificial sunlight to grow. A full-spectrum light gives the plant the energy it needs to thrive.

Your lighting choice will make a big difference in the health of your plants. If you purchase a home growth kit, it could come with HID, fluorescent, or LED lighting — you should take a bit of time and research each of these to see which one you’d like to go with.

Light Hangers

Hanging your grow lights is an often-overlooked step when initially purchasing. These hangers allow you to place your grow lights strategically to get the most out of them.


Having a dedicated timer allows you to ensure your plants get the right amount of light from the full-spectrum bulbs. You need to make sure the plants don’t get too little or too much.


This measures the humidity of the air inside your grow tent.



Clip-on Fan

Having a clip-on fan allows you to promote adequate airflow to your cannabis plant, which prevents it from having too high of an oxygen balance.

Carbon Filter

Get a carbon filter unless you want your house smelling like Chong’s house. This will absorb some of those pungent (but wonderful) weed aromas.

Terracotta Pots

The best material to grow cannabis is terracotta. Size your pots for the eventual size of the grown plant.

Soil System and/or Nutrients

You may choose to develop high-quality soil to grow your cannabis in, or you may opt for a hydroponic system (which delivers nutrients to the roots without the use of soil). Be sure to do your due diligence here — hydroponic and soil systems have vastly different techniques and requirements, so it’s important to know which direction you’d like to head in before starting your purchasing spree.

Either way, you’ll need to get your hands on packs of nutrients to cultivate the weed properly.


With that, you’re ready to start growing cannabis in your own home. For a better idea of what strains you’d like to try your hand at, check out our huge strain library.

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