Hydroponic Store Guide – Learn What to Look for in a Hydro Store

Once upon a time, the best hydroponic store in each area was often a secret. Selling the equipment for growing plants hydroponically, even just herbs or tomatoes, used to attract a lot of attention from law enforcement. Today, it’s generally more accepted as a common gardening method and easier to find in states where marijuana is still not legal. No matter why you’re shopping for hydroponic equipment, you’ll need to sort through hundreds of local stores and national suppliers to choose the right company. Here are some of the top retailers selling this equipment for home gardeners so you can decide the best hydroponic store for yourself.

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What Is a Hydroponic Store?

Hydroponics is the practice of growing plants indoors in water rather than soil. You must supply a container, the water, bright artificial light, a growing medium for the plants to root in, and temperature control. Liquid nutrients added to the water circulating the roots help provide steady, rapid growth for plants like cannabis. Hydroponic stores are retailers that carry the equipment and supplies needed for growing plants of all kinds.

Lettuce, herbs, and tomatoes are just some of the other crops commonly grown in hydroponic equipment, but it’s primarily used for producing high-quality marijuana. Indoor hydroponic grows don’t need soil and attract few insects while providing larger harvests on smaller plants. A well-stocked hydroponics store should supply everything you need except for the plants and the water, although stores in some states may even sell seeds or clones to get you started.

Top Hydroponic Store for Beginners

GrowGeneration offers 60 brick-and-mortar locations in the US, making it a good choice for those who have never tried hydroponics or any other growing methods before. Visiting a physical location can give you hands-on experience with the products before you invest in them.

You can also tap into the experience and knowledge of the staff members to get recommendations tailored to your growing situation and goals.

This is certainly the best hydroponic store for anyone looking for a wide range of products in a welcoming and professional environment. GrowGeneration also offers commercial design services for marijuana growers, so they’re sure to provide good recommendations even for the most inexperienced home grower.

Here is Why we Love GrowGeneration

Best Hydroponic Store for Advanced Equipment

Thanks to the sheer popularity of hydroponics as a growing method, even everyday big-box retailers sell basic indoor gardening equipment. However, some of the best high-quality and specialty equipment is only available at the top retailers in the online market. GrowGen is a good choice, thanks to its sheer variety of products. With over hundreds of brands represented on their website, it’s easy to find specific, high-end equipment for optimized growth. They also focus on only the best equipment, providing commercial and large-scale hydroponic materials to commercial and home growers alike. Complete hydroponic systems are available from both sources to quickly get you started without much fuss.

Favorite Hydroponic Store for Good Deals

GrowGen offers all the high-end equipment you’ll find at the best hydroponic store in any region, but they’re also known for having good sales deals. A few times a year, they’ll knock hundreds of dollars off the cost of major light fixtures, hydroponic units, flow controllers, and other pieces of commercial-grade equipment.

Finding the Best Hydroponic Store Near Me

When shopping locally appeals more than making an online order, you have a few options for finding a hydroponics store. We love GrowGeneration because they have stores all over the U.S If GrowGen is not in your area and you really don’t want to buy online, then try asking around at dispensaries or other local cannabis hangouts to see what growers there recommend for suppliers. You can also check in with garden centers, which may carry a small amount of hydroponics equipment to try out at first. A trip to the hydroponics store can set you up for home growing without any messy soil or the need for a lot of spare space. However, you can also spend hundreds of dollars on equipment that doesn’t work well together. Make sure you’re getting the right equipment for your specific grow goals by choosing the right supplier for your particular situation. GrowGen is our first choice.

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