CBD Wholesale: The Benefits of Buying CBD Products in Bulk

Buying CBD products in bulk is certainly a different experience from ordering single-sale CBD products. When you buy CBD wholesale, you’re committing to a lot of products at once. It makes sense for anyone running a CBD business, but it may also work well for an individual who relies on a steady supply of quality CBD oil. Consider bulk buying options to access the very best deals on premium CBD products. Get high-quality wholesale products regardless of what you plan to do with them with these tips.

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What Are Wholesale CBD Products?

Bulk CBD products are simply those available at a lower unit price because there’s a minimum purchase amount. Some of these CBD products may be marked as wholesale only, which means they’re intended for resale by a business rather than personal use. It’s up to each distributor of bulk CBD oil to decide if they limit sales to businesses or allow individuals to purchase their products. 

If you’re looking for pure CBD extract to make your own tinctures or other products, this is a good way to source it. Yet keep in mind that many distributors set quite high volumes for bulk purchases, so you’ll need to know you’ll sell or use everything you purchase before its expiration date. That’s the main difference between making single unit and bulk purchases of CBD products.

Where Can I Get CBD Products in Bulk?

Locating the right CBD wholesale suppliers is a matter of finding a company with both credentials and a steady supply of the products you need. The best suppliers, such as Botanical Stores, can handle creating custom formulations and products with any CBD concentration for you. Retailers and resellers, in particular, need to know their suppliers are testing the products to ensure they’re THC-free and legal to sell under federal law. 

Aside from the THC content of specific products, members of the CBD industry want in-depth information on fatty acids and more from their suppliers. Search for a supplier capable of providing all the information you need before committing to a bulk purchase since it’ll require a bigger financial commitment than purchasing a single product.

CBD Products That Can Be Purchased in Bulk

There is a wide range of CBD products for resale, including:

  • Wholesale CBD edibles
  • Full spectrum CBD tinctures and oils
  • Organic CBD from hemp grown with fewer pesticides and chemicals
  • Vaping cartridges containing CBD isolate in varying concentrations
  • Body products like creams, lotions, and more.

Exploring a CBD wholesale catalog will give you a better idea of the range of CBD products for retailers available today.

Benefits of Buying CBD Wholesale Products

For retailers, the benefits of buying CBD products for businesses are obvious. But many CBD wholesale buyers are individuals or buying clubs instead, and these people can also benefit from bulk purchasing. First, it’s easier to find CBD bulk extracts at a good price if you want to make your own products like tinctures, lotions, or edibles. Second, you can secure a large volume of products, all with the same quality, format, and concentration. Finally, bulk buying tends to cost far less than individual retail purchases.

The Most Reputable CBD Distributors in the U.S.

Saving money on discount CBD products isn’t worth risking your health or reputation as a retailer. Find CBD bulk pricing deals by choosing a reputable supplier like Botanical Stores. The best CBD product distributors not only offer reduced prices on private label orders, but they’ll also offer further discounts and sales to regular buyers for even more opportunities to save.

Things to Know Before Buying CBD in Bulk

If you’re just learning how to start a CBD business or considering your first bulk CBD purchase, there are a few things to consider.

  • How will you handle quality control? Even when buying from the best CBD wholesale distributors, you’ll need to check the order over for missing, damaged, or incorrect products.
  • Where will you store all of the CBD products? Most of them are sensitive to heat, light, and freezing temperatures.
  • Will wholesale CBD prices fluctuate soon? You might buy more if you expect a price rise or keep your order limited if you anticipate a drop.
  • Can you package and ship the products yourself, or should you leave that step up to a dropshipping company? Some CBD wholesale deals can include an agreement for storage and shipping to your customers.

10 FAQs On CBD Wholesale

1. Where can I buy CBD in bulk?

Bulk CBD is available from a wide range of suppliers, including Botanical Stores.

2. How much does Delta 8 cost?

Delta 8 tends to have a slightly higher cost than CBD products, around $9 to $20 for a 1-gram cartridge.

3. How much does wholesale CBD cost?

The cost of wholesale CBD products varies depending on the concentration, full-spectrum extraction, and format.

4. How can I become a CBD distributor?

Selling CBD in the retail market or distributing it to other stores starts with a reliable CBD wholesaler.

5. Where can I buy CBD isolate?

Most CBD distributors carry a CBD isolate ideal for making other products.

6. Where can I buy CBD gummies in bulk?

Wholesale CBD gummies are often sold by the same suppliers that sell oils, tinctures, and more.

7. How much does CBD oil cost in bulk?

CBD oil is far less expensive in bulk than individual purchases, often costing just 25% or less than the retail price.

8. What is the minimum order for bulk CBD purchases?

Each CBD distributor sets their own minimum purchase level.

9. What CBD products are available for wholesale purchases?

Anything you see in a retail store, you can find the same CBD products wholesale through the right distributor.

10. What are the advantages of buying wholesale CBD products?

You’ll save by accessing volume discounts and ensure a high-quality product by choosing the right CBD supplier.

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