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At Home Drug Tests are very useful because most cannabis users will come up against a drug test at some time in their life. It’s an unfortunate reality that often strikes without warning. If you are lucky enough to have a head’s up before your drug test, one of the best things you can do while you detox is track your progress with an at home drug test. There are different types of home tests to consider based on your situation and what you’d like to know. Plus, we’ll cover what you can do to pass your drug test if your home test comes back positive. 

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at home drug tests

What Is an At-Home Drug Test?

At home drug tests allow you to test yourself for various substances found on standard drug tests. Sometimes parents test their kids at home, or employers will test their employees on the spot with a home kit. It’s also a valuable tool to see whether or not you’re prepared to pass a real drug test. 

Most at-home drugs are for urinalysis, which is the most common type of drug test administered by employers. A hair follicle test is the least common. Blood testing is not as common as urine, so you wouldn’t typically draw your own blood at home for a drug test. Saliva testing has a shorter detection window and is typically only used to catch recent drug use. 

What Do At-Home Drug Tests Detect?

You can buy at-home drug test kits that look for just about anything. Mostly, people are concerned about THC, but you can also test for cocaine, methamphetamines, opiates, alcohol, ecstasy, and nicotine. Urine home tests look for metabolites as opposed to active molecules. For example, a drug test looking for THC will detect a THC metabolite. These are the remnants left behind after our body processes and metabolizes THC. 

Are At-Home Drug Tests Accurate?

When used correctly, at-home drug tests are about 99% accurate. False positives and negatives may occur, so it is always best to take a couple of tests if you have enough time to prepare for the real one. All told, a home drug is not as sophisticated as one performed by a lab, but it’s an excellent step you can take in preparation for a drug test. 

Main Types of At-Home Drug Tests

We looked at two types of at-home drug tests by detox experts PassYourTest. Both test for THC, but have slightly different ways to look at your results.

at home drug test

Single Panel

The Single Panel THC test kit is straightforward. It’s only looking at remnants of THC, and it will give you a clear answer: pass or fail. The industry standard for THC levels is 50 ng/mL; if your urine sample contains this amount or more, you will fail. 

It’s similar to a pregnancy test and easy to do at home. First, collect your urine sample in a sterile cup. Then, remove the cap from the test strip and put it into the pee cup. Take the strip out once the “C” line appears and place the cap back on. Lay it on a flat surface and read the results in five minutes. After ten minutes, the results may be inaccurate, so be sure to set a timer. 

If you pass the test, two lines will appear. This means you are clean from THC. The lines might not be the same weight, but you should clearly see two lines. If you see only one line, you’ve failed the test, and THC was detected. The results are invalid if nothing appears next to the “C” line. This could mean your sample was diluted, or you didn’t let it absorb enough urine. 

at home drug test


The second type of urine test is a Test-O-Meter. The instructions are the exact same as the Single Panel, but the Test-O-Meter offers more valuable information. This test is cool because it shows you various toxicity levels. 

The standard for detection is 50 ng/mL, but the Test-O-Meter offers a five-window panel. How is this helpful? If you are detoxing and need to know how close you are to being clean, this test tracks levels at 15, 100, 200, and 300 ng/mL. If you test at 100, you are halfway there, but if you hit 300 days before your drug test, you should consider detox products to help you flush in time. 

What to Do if You Fail Your At-Home Drug Test

If you fail your at-home drug tests and your official test is coming up soon, it’s time to invest in a detox product. PassYourTest offers a variety of kits and drinks to meet your needs based on timeline and toxicity level. If you aren’t sure what to buy, take their quiz, and they will guide you to the right products.

at home drug test cleanse

Their permanent cleansers are ideal if you want to get rid of toxins for good and have five or 10 days to prepare. The 5-day extreme detox is perfect for light or moderate users, and the 10-day ultra detox is best for daily, heavy users. 

at home drug test

What can you do if you have less than five days to detox? Don’t worry, PassYourTest has a Fail Safe Kit just for this occasion. Unlike the above kits, this detox drinks and capsule combo are meant to be used a couple of hours before your test and allow you to pee clean for just 24 hours. After that, toxins may begin to circulate in your system again. 

Ultimately, no matter your situation, PassYourTest has something to offer you. A great place to start is with an at-home drug test so you know what to do next, so you can easily pass your drug test. 

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