5 Best Alcohol Delivery Services

Today we tackle the issue that’s been at the core of your sleeplessness: what are the best alcohol delivery services?

Tech has long been occupied with solving the big problems faced by humans. With it, we’ve put people on the moon, cured deadly diseases, and cracked the genetic code.

It stands to reason that it would eventually tackle the issue of delivering booze!

Today you can order a splendid selection of alcoholic beverages from the comfort of your couch, and they’ll arrive at your door — an activity that used to require a trip to the bottle shop, liquor store, or microbrewery. That means planning for your next party or some drinking games just got easier.

Below, we share five of the very best alcohol delivery services and what makes them so great.

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1. Drizly

Coming in at number one is Drizly, which currently reigns as the undisputed king of the best alcohol delivery services.

Featuring a glossy website that’s extremely easy to use, Drizly makes a show of being able to get you in front of the alcohol you were looking for. By sourcing from local liquor stores, they connect you with speedy delivery without putting local shops out of business. Everyone wins.

Drizly delivers in 31 states and counting, and delivery fees vary but are around $7 or so. The minimum purchase is $20. They pride themselves on delivering your order in 60 minutes or less, though this varies by location.

With a wide selection of beers, wines, liquors, seltzers, and more at competitive prices, Drizly easily takes the prize. They’re essentially like a boozy Uber. Just enter your address, do your shopping, and hit order — the app will update you on your delivery status in real-time. You can order either for now or schedule it for later.

In short, Drizly is a great choice for both big brand names and harder-to-find selections from local breweries and distilleries.

2. The Original Craft Beer Club

If you love craft beer, The Original Craft Beer Club might be your new jam.

This is the company that gives you access to small-batch craft brews from around the country, saving you exorbitant amounts of plane fare dollars. Their greatest asset is the number of business connections they’ve been able to foster, and their love for craft beer is apparent in how they promote different breweries with their deliveries.

It works like this: each box you receive has two different beers from two different US breweries. It’s a surprise each time. You can sign up for month-by-month, bi-monthly, or annual service plans and filter out beer styles you don’t like.

The company delivers in all 50 states and usually offers free delivery, with the exception of Arkansas (where delivery fees are $59.50). Shipments often take a couple of weeks to arrive.

So if the thought of getting those cult-followed microbrews in the mail appeals to you, or perhaps just the ability to build a collection of beautiful bottle art on your wall, this is probably the choice for you.

3. Winc

Winc delivers different selections of that sweetest of fermented juices straight to your door each month, with AI-driven choices designed to be customized to your preferences. This is hot on the list of the best alcohol delivery services for their machine learning game alone.

That’s some pretty serious tech, but it’s worth the effort. AI picks up on what types of wines jive with your palate and pairs you with new wines to try. The introductory quiz on the website asks questions about how you like your coffee, which perfumes you find pleasant, etc., to try and figure out which wines will float your boat.

With each bottle sent to your house, you can rate your selections and continue to hone in on your preferences. Don’t like a bottle? Winc gives full refunds for store credit.

The basic membership plan includes four bottles per month and is flexible, allowing you to skip months or cancel. Conveniently, you can purchase bottles on their website if you like one of your deliveries.

Winc delivers in 43 states and charges $9 for delivery, though all deliveries of 4+ bottles are free. Sometimes you’ll receive wine that isn’t the highest quality, but you’ll soon be on your way to being a wine connoisseur. Note that an adult has to be home to receive the delivery.

4. We Drink Bubbles

Indeed we do, for we love champagne. And if you also love champagne, We Drink Bubbles is the best way to expand your palate and experience the wares of different winemakers. This bubble-obsessed wine club sends you a monthly collection of sparkling wines that costs $100, ranking it among the best alcohol delivery services.

You won’t be getting a parade of boring selections, either — because We Drink Bubbles is affiliated with a known Champagne importer, they make it a point to send hard-to-find bottles and wines made by small producers.

You’ll find everything from Sekt and Cava and smooth Cremants to pure Champagnes. You may find producers like Vincent Renoir and Loriot-Pagel from the Champagne region, or you might be surprised by up-and-comers from the new world. Each bottle is accompanied by pairing tips, tasting notes, and more.

The delivery fee is $16.95, and considering what you’re getting, the membership is affordably priced: $100 per month gets you three bottles.

5. Haus

Finally, we have Haus, the beloved deliverer of light-alcohol aperitifs. Haus’s schtick is delivering a rotating cast of drinks that are light on the alcohol and/or perfect for sipping or mixing into a cocktail.

Low-ABV aperitifs are spirits made with things like California brandy and Chardonnay. Haus brings selections with natural ingredients like Chinese oolong tea, Sonoma County Chardonnay grapes, and Makrut lime leaves from California. With a membership, you can receive one, two, or six bottles each month.

The company makes sure to make your subscription fully customizable. For example, you can opt for a spiced cherry on cold winter days and a citrusy drink for the summer. With 36 states in its delivery zone and $0 delivery fees, it’s not too surprising that Haus made it onto this list.

Note that you can select your flavors, but shipping can occasionally be slow. If you sign up for a recurring membership, they’ll reward you with bottle discounts. The best alcohol delivery services should always make membership worth your while.

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