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520 Cannabis Freedom Day (May 20th or 5/20) was created by Master P and The Ice Cream Shop to celebrate the life of Louisiana man Fate Vincent Winslow who was sentenced to life in prison for $20 worth of weed.  Cannabis legalization has become more and more widespread:

  • Louisiana dropped 10,000 marijuana convictions
  • Over 60,000 cannabis related convictions have been reduced or fully dismissed in California
  • Marijuana arrest records in NYC drop more than 50% since legalization

Master P: 520 Cannabis Freedom Interview 2022

“This life sentence should have been reduced a long time ago. Even though he was released in 2020, he died in 2021. We have to make sure that this injustice doesn’t happen to more people. We need to increase awareness, help educate our culture and help prepare the imprisoned for freedom.” Anyone who is incarcerated for a small amount of cannabis and is fighting this injustice still, we want to help them gain their freedom back.”

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