It’ll Put Stars in Your Eyes

Pink Starburst Strain

Pink Starburst Strain

It is known for its medicinal effects and pain relief

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Pink Starburst Strain is a

hybrid strain

With 25% to 30% THC, it’s ideal for making canna gummies at home. The effects are similar to other popular medicinal strains like Kosher Kush.

- Mood lifting - Appetite and social stimulation - Inspiring


- Insomnia - Lack of appetite  - Chronic pain  - Stress   - Depression - Anxiety - Inflammation

Helps With

- Headache  - Dizziness - Paranoia at high doses 


Pairs With Music

Yng Lvcas — “La Bebe”

Pink — “Who Knew”

Smashmouth — “All Star”

Pairs With Food

Creamy Saag Paneer

Jamaican beef patties

Mac and cheese

Pairs With Spirits

Pink Starburst shots

Strawberry wine

Porter beer

Where The Pink Starburst Strain Is Grown

Pink Starburst Strain

If the candy flavor of a strain like Pink Runtz is a little too sweet for you, swap it for Pink Starburst. It has enough pine freshness to keep everything balanced and a very high THC level.

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