Berry Pie Strain

Berry Pie Strain

Bake Some Bliss Into Your Day

It is excellent for those days when you need to slash stress and boost your mood to bliss level.

Try this strain

Berry Pie Strain is a 


As your mood soars, Berry Pie will steadily soothe and relax your physical form, alleviating tension and eradicating pain.

- Uplifting - Calm - Talkative


- Stress - Depression - Pain

Helps With

- Dizziness - Paranoia - Headache


Pairs With Music

Alina Baraz — “High”

Glass Animals — “Take a Slice”

Masego — “Veg Out (Wasting Thyme)”

Pairs With Food


Ice cream cone

Loaded turkey sub

Pairs With Spirits

Espresso Martini

Blackberry mojito

Strawberry basil lemonade

Where The Berry Pie Strain Is Grown

Berry Pie Strain Summary

When you want a delicious daytime strain that’ll bliss you out without weighing down your eyelids, don’t hesitate to give Berry Pie a try.

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