Berry Pie Strain

Berry Pie Strain

Only the Juiciest

Berry Pie is the perfect dessert for closing out a tough day. You’ll also enjoy the heavy relaxation it offers.

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Berry Pie Strain is  

made for dessert connoisseur

Yet, it still packs plenty of punch behind its creamy notes, putting you out in a relaxed yet creative state after just a few puffs.

- Relaxation - Creativity - Uplifting


- Stress - Anxiety - Fatigue

Helps With

- None reported


Pairs With Music

Autograf — Dream

Forest Swords — The Weight of Gold

Beach Boys — I’m Waiting for the Day

Pairs With Food

Strawberry shortcake

Fried chicken

French fries

Pairs With Spirits


Coffee Ale


Where The Berry Pie Strain Is Grown

Berry Pie Strain Summary

This is one pie you won’t want to miss, especially at Thanksgiving. Make Berry Pie a part of your routine to enjoy a fresh slice of pie anytime you want without worrying about the calories.

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