Banana Punch Strain

Banana Punch Strain

Enjoy a Punch of Sweet Happine

This evenly balanced hybrid delivers head-to-toe effects that’ll have you feeling tingly, tranquil, and totally at ease.

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Banana Punch Strain is a

50/50 indica-sativa hybrid

The Banana Punch high kicks off with a mood-lifting, euphoric brain buzz that’ll have you feeling happy, creative, and focused for hours on end.

- Tingly body buzz - Relaxed - Giggly


- Stress - Pain - Depression

Helps With

- Headache - Mild Anxiety - Mild Paranoia


Pairs With Music

¿Téo? — “Thru My Hair”

Cherokee — “Love Your Days”

Jack Johnson — “Banana Pancakes”

Pairs With Food

Banana cream pie

Fruit salad

Barbeque pineapple pizza

Pairs With Spirits



Spicy margarita

Where The Banana Punch Strain Is Grown

Banana OG Strain Summary

If you like a fruity, relaxing, uplifting weed, Banana Punch is definitely worth a try. Even if you’re a seasoned user, this strain will have you feeling soothed, sedated, and completely carefree.

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