Banana Kush OG

Banana Kush OG Strain

Smelling like fresh bananas and Kush and delivering a calm sense of euphoric mellowness, it’s a fantastic way to stir your creative pot, ease your anxiety in social situations, and get a good night’s sleep.

Try this hybrid

Banana Kush Strain is a

mixture of Skunk Haze and Ghost OG and leans indica

It’s helpful for nausea and sleep disorders and may provide comfort for people suffering from migraines, eating disorders, glaucoma, and muscle spasms.

- Euphoria - Mellowness - Calm


- Insomnia - Social Anxiety - Creatiivity

Helps With

- Headache - Paranoia - Dry Mouth


Pairs With Music

Elliott Smith

Brain Eno

Jónsi & Alex

Pairs With Food

Jamaican cuisine



Pairs With Spirits



Mint Julep

Where The Banana Kush Strain Is Grown

Banana Kush Strain Summary

Banana Kush is an indica strain that delivers a compelling body high and a calming cerebral elevation. Enjoy its rich banana scent, and make sure to use it at night, as it will lull you toward a fantastic sleep.

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