Animal Face Strain

Amped Up and Animalistic

Animal  Face Strain

 Rare, potent sativa, nutty scent, akin to Lemon Skunk effects with unique flavor

Potent Sativa

Animal  Face Strain

Potent THC

THC around 25%, overwhelming for beginners, start with small doses to gauge tolerance

- Tingling - Supreme relaxation - Mood lifting


- Chronic pain - Depression - Stress - Anxiety - Lack of focus

Helps With

- Paranoia at high levels - Dizziness - Headaches


Pairs With Music

Animal Collective — “Grass”

Glass Animals — “The Other Side of Paradise”

Honey Claws — “Digital Animal”

Pairs With Food

Spiced nuts

Cream of broccoli soup

Hot wings

Pairs With Spirits

Pine-centric IPA beer

South side cocktail

Txakoli wine

Where The Animal Face Strain Is Grown

Animal Face Strain Summary

With a strong body high and an energy boost that lasts, Animal Face is a popular strain that you should try for the tingling effects alone.

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