The Body-Numbing Kush

American Kush Strain

American Kush Strain

This potent, indica-dominant hybrid brings on the ultra-relaxing body buzz that Kush strains are super well known and loved for, along with uplifting and calming mental effects.

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American Kush Strain is a 

70% indica and 30% sativa

This strain’s high hits fast, strong, and heavy, starting off with a euphoric, tingly cerebral sensation that gradually travels downward throughout the body, delivering powerful pain relief and intense relaxation.

- Relaxed - Happy - Tingly


- Pain - Stress - Insomnia

Helps With

- Dry mouth - Dry eyes Anxiety


Pairs With Music

Damian Marley — Welcome to Jamrock

Dennis Lloyd — Think About It

Hippie Sabotage — Option

Pairs With Food

Chicken and waffle

Loaded cheesy tater tots

Grilled cheese sandwich

Pairs With Spirits



Moscow mule

Where The American Kush Strain Is Grown

American Kush Strain Summary

Given its potency and largely incapacitating effects, the American Kush strain is a great bud for experienced cannabissuers looking to relax their way to bed at the end of a long day.

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