Aceh Strain

Aceh Strain

A Superb, Pure Sativa

Prized for flavor and effects, providing a balanced energy boost

Indonesian Sativa

Aceh Strain

Mellow Sativa

mild potency, uplifting effects suitable for various daytime activities

- Uplifted - Energetic - Focused


- Depression - Fatigue - Stress

Helps With

- Dry mouth - Slight dizziness - Mild anxiety


Pairs With Music

Gramatik — “Friday”

H.E.R. feat. YG — “Slide”

Hippie Sabotage — “Floating Palace”

Pairs With Food

Tropical fruit salad

Cheese plate


Pairs With Spirits


Mango daiquiri


Where The Aceh Strain Is Grown

Aceh Strain Summary

If you’re looking to try out an ancient, time-tested mellow sativa, Aceh is an excellent choice. It’s a great all-day companion that’ll lift you up and let you down gently.

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