It’s Pure Gold

Acapulco Gold Strain

Acapulco Gold Strain

This legendary landrace strain has been widely enjoyed and well-loved for decades and continues to please palates, brains, and bodies worldwide.

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Acapulco Gold Strain is a

heavily sativa

If you’re relatively new to the nug and plan on burning some of this pure gold, check out how to roll a blunt. Then, once you’ve had your fill of this fantastic flower, find something fun to do while you’re high.

- Uplifted - Happy - Energetic - Euphoric


- Depression - Stress - Pain - Lack of appetite

Helps With

- Dry eyes - Dry mouth Dizzine - Anxiety


Pairs With Music

Dr. Hook — “Acapulco Goldie”

Bob Marley & The Wailers — “Is This Love”

NEIL FRANCES — “It’s like a dream”

Pairs With Food

Tortilla chip & guac

Huevos ranchero


Pairs With Spirits




Where The  Acapulco Gold Strain Is Grown

Acapulco Gold Strain Summary

Acapulco Gold will quickly lift your mood and leave you feeling euphoric, energized, and mentally locked in for hours.

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