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White Gorilla Strain

White Gorilla Strain

If you prefer varieties that are just slightly indica leaning.

Try this hybrid

White Gorilla Strain is an

indica hybrid

This weed strain is designed for people who want to relax without nodding off in the middle of a movie. It has a delicate flavor profile that works well in cannabis milk and other edible recipes.

- Arousal - Mood-lifting - Relaxing


- Stress - Chronic pain - Arthritis - Cramp - Depression - Anxiety - Migraine

Helps With

- Dizzine - Dry eyes - Dry mouth


Pairs With Music

Bruno Mars — “Gorilla”

Khruangbin — “White Gloves”

Lil Uzi Vert — “Crush Em”

Pairs With Food

Spicy roasted almond

Balsamic vinaigrette and vanilla ice cream

Cheese-stuffed burger

Pairs With Spirits

Creme de Violette

Gorilla cocktail

Cream ale

The History of White Gorilla Strain

Just slightly an indica strain, White Gorilla is the result of a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and The White. Both of its parent strains are quite popular on their own. It’s not directly related to the popular White Widow strain despite the similarities in naming.

White Gorilla Strain Summary

This strain is highly sticky and deserves one of the tougher weed grinders that won’t bind up. White Gorilla is a relaxing marijuana strain that is great for evening and weekend enjoyment.

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